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A game-changing technology has been developed for use within the automotive and aerospace lightweight market. 

Cygnet Texkimp has developed a 3D winding technology which promises to transform the fibre manufacturing industry.

It is built in the form of a cutting-edge machine, which winds carbon fibre into lightweight parts for the automotive and aerospace industry.

A knowledge transfer partnership between the University of Manchester and Cygnet Texkimp has paved the way for the development of this new and exciting technology. 

Luke Vardy is the managing director at Cygnet Texkimp.

In conversation with The Manufacturer, Vardy said: “About four years ago, the University of Manchester started expressing interest in partnering with us.

“They were taking their nine-axis concept forward and we started helping them to upgrade it on site, just as part of the university project.

“There is inherent strength in the fibre which we’re always trying to maximise, the problem is that every time you touch the fibre, take it round an angle, apply tension to it or rub it, you end up damaging and weakening it.

“We design machinery that understands those contact points, rub angles, the deviation of the fibre and their impact on fibre quality, to ensure that when it gets to the end-product, it’s in the best possible condition. That is what we do across all our machinery: maintain fibre integrity.”

The 3D ‘winder’ is essentially a robot, which is capable of manufacturing complex parts such as fuel pipes, rails and aeroplane wing spars. 

It can also be adapted to produce components for other markets, including wind turbine blades for the energy sector.

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