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Healthy Contractors Are Happy Contractors

Heart disease, cancer and diabetes account for 90 percent of deaths each year in the UK so to avoid sickness before it starts and to catch health issues early, it has never been more important to see the doctor. Benefitting from a great health service, speedy advice and quality treatments, you are taking positive steps that will promote a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Frustratingly we’ve all experienced issues surrounding local medical clinics, like waiting times and booking appointments, but have you considered the benefits of online medical support?


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The benefits of online medical care are many, but what sets this service apart from the NHS is the ability to schedule appointments when it’s convenient for you at any time of the day or night without concern of location.

An online service will keep an updated record of all your medical details ready to review at the click of a button. You get to peruse, review and then decide which doctor you think is the correct fit for you. For some, the anonymity of discussing sensitive issues from a distance can take away the concerns of holding an awkward conversation when bumping into someone you know at the local clinic.

If an online medical solution sounds like it could be perfect for you or even if you just wanted a second opinion on a diagnosis? The Xtra Mile Club have partnered with Doctor Pulse Online and to get things off on the right foot your first two appointments will be FREE and the rest heavily discounted through your Xtra Mile Club membership.


So what is Doctor Pulse Online?

Doctor Pulse focuses on providing digital health solutions for customers. It empowers users to help themselves get better and benefit from immediate access to the best healthcare professionals.

What are the services that Doctor Pulse Online Offers?

  • Live video consultations
  • Live appointment scheduling
  • Electronic medical records
  • OH doctors, nutritionists, specialists
  • GDPR & HIPAA compliance

Symptom Checker

  • Advice and guidance on the most common symptoms and conditions
  • NICE accredited
  • Over 1,000 clinical conditions, 380 topics


  • Emergency medical profile
  • Help a MediMee user
  • Profile & GPS push to Emergency Services

XTRA Mile Club Physiotherapy

To continue your health support TXM Club understands that many contractors have physically demanding jobs and social pursuits which will inevitably lead to accidents and/or wear and tear of the body. Your Xtra Mile Club has teamed up with The Physio Network to offer members massive discounts throughout their network of expert physiotherapists.


The Physio Network

The Physiotherapy Network (TPN) is an independent clinician owned company that has been providing physical clinical services to clients since 1999. TPN has over 800 therapists throughout the county who come from several disciplines and specialities.

Following an initial telephone-triage you will be matched with an appropriate therapist. TPN uses specifically designed measurement tools and clinical case management techniques to ensure that the therapy programmes are appropriate and will produce positive results.

TPN’s assessment and treatment management programmes are structured around a bio psychosocial and evidence-based approach. The company provides telephone triage for Musculoskeletal conditions; desktop clinic for treatment recommendation, advice and tailored exercise; face to face treatment; and fit for work assessment.


With massive discounts throughout this network of expert physiotherapists, let us take care of those aches and pains while you focus on what you do best. Click here to join TXM Club FREE


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