Enthusiastic personalities succeed in recruitment (5 traits & 5 benefits)


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The Legendary American Football Coach, Vince Lombardi famously said “If you are not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm”. When trying to get ahead in life that one sentence sums up the importance of being enthusiastic to do your job. The NFL Hall of Fame coach expected his players to enthusiastically apply themselves to the team and if they did not then they were of little value to the team.

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Enthusiasm is a personality trait that is positively infectious, and it doesn’t matter if you are an athlete training on the field, a manager sharing ideas in the board room or a consultant discussing options with a candidate, enthusiastic professionals are a sought-after commodity in every profession.


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In this blog we explore our top 5 traits of enthusiastic professionals and our top 5 personal benefits for being one.  

Traits of an enthusiastic person

1. Energetic

Enthusiastic professionals outwardly express energy in everything they do. They attack all activities with a sense of positive urgency. They look forward to new challenges with zest and every obstacle becomes an opportunity to recharge and refocus. 


2. Passionate

Passion is the fuel that enthusiastic professionals use to get the job done with energy and desire.

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey once said “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focussing on what excites you”. Find a passion for the thing you are doing, and enthusiasm will follow.


3. Happy

What comes first the egg or the chicken? This metaphor has been posed throughout the ages going back as far as the first century BC and wrestled with by Greek biographer Plutarch.

It is not known whether or not happy people are more enthusiastic or enthusiastic people are generally happier but one thing is for sure these two traits walk hand in hand with one another.


4. They go the Xtra Mile

Enthusiastic professionals look to make sure their output is timely and memorable. They will often go beyond the call of duty when delivering their work. Enthusiastic workers look to deliver the same high level of energy, passion and pride into every aspect of their labour, meaning they will over deliver and under promise.


5. Successful

Following the work and professional traits described above it will be no surprise that enthusiastic people are likely to be successful.

Enthusiastic professionals are like a magnet and draw people to them. Peers can learn from them and accept their support and superiors will often use them as examples of best practice. They continually grow their networks meaning they will have more opportunities come their way thus breeding that success.   


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Benefits of being enthusiastic

1. Productivity

Enthusiastic employees are productive as they execute their role with energy. These professionals are very conscious of their own high expectations of themselves meaning they consistently deliver quality.

They also have the knock-on effect of motivating staff around them as enthusiasm is infectious. Now whether this is through inspiration or the fear of not being able to measure up, the outcome is still the same.


2. Customer orientated

Because these professionals look after every detail of their responsibilities, always looking to go The Xtra Mile, they are more likely to also deliver this for that extremely important stakeholder or customers.

Attention to detail for happy customers will not only get repeat engagements with them, but more importantly it will encourage them to become advocates for your brand and work.


3. More loyal

Employees that display enthusiasm often to do so because they are ‘dialled in’ to the company brand and its values. These professionals are generally very loyal and will look to grow their profession within that business. This attribute is extremely attractive to senior level executives.


4. Love to learn

People displaying enthusiasm for the role have a hunger to learn and expand their abilities. To deliver on all the traits described above they need to stay at the head of the game. Learning and growing will be one of the strongest tools they will acquire in their professional lives, it’s a benefit that can cross over productively into every aspect of their lives beyond their profession.


5. Progression

Becoming known as an enthusiastic professional in everything you do will help you become more memorable with your superiors. This helps when it comes to progressing in your career.

High ranking executives understand the value of great staff. Great businesses are built on great teams made up of great people. As described above enthusiasm is a tell-tale sign of being an Xtra Mile professional and this won’t be something that goes unmissed when it’s time to scale a business and move people up the ranks.


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