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Companies embracing Corporate Social Responsibility as a strategic business thrust are reaping the rewards. What may start as a passion project for a single member of staff can lead towards growth and prosperity across the breadth of the business.

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When delivered properly these activities and campaigns always enjoy win, win outcomes: a win for the cause and a win for the company delivering. Long term CSR campaigns allow for many narratives to be told on the success of the activities.

Over time a well thought out and strategically delivered CSR strategy will also help you improve your company’s brand. 


Find out our top 10 reasons why a CSR campaign is both good for your community and your business.



Well we’ve put together our top 7 reasons on how doing good can help your brand as a by-product.

  1. Build brand community

  2. Build brand trust

  3. Build brand emotions

  4. Build brand awareness

  5. Amplify brand image

  6. Build brand engagement

  7. Repair brand damage


1. Build a brand community

Driving a campaign to support a cause can help build a sense of community around your brand.

Encouraging staff, customers and suppliers to participate in the activity can help build a sense of affiliation within that group and cause.

When done well with everyone kept engaged it creates the by-product of people understanding they are connected through the cause and your brand developing a sense of community.


2. Build brand engagement

Encouraging stakeholders to become a part of the campaign will gift brands access to directly engage with people.

This is beneficial because brands can work directly with people to reinforce the positive brand values of the organisation. This helps stakeholders become advocates for the brand and understand intimately the positive activities and people involved.


3. Build brand trust

Companies that are promoting positive campaigns and causes will build trust within the communities that the activities impact upon. The wider the cause and more relatable the campaign the further the reach and influence for the Brand.

The longer a brand is involved in a cause and the more narratives and promotion driven out externally, the more the brand is trusted as it becomes a considered authority on the chosen subject/cause.


4. Build brand emotions

Doing good makes you feel good, it is a natural outcome of altruistic actions, therefore brands that help people feel good by doing good will inevitably be connected themselves to those emotions.

This is important as the frontal lobe (decision making section of the brain) is heavily influenced by emotions and memory so when it comes to recalling your company and services you offer, keeping stakeholders memories positively connected to your brand will be of great value.


5. Build brand awareness

As described above in Brand emotion, brand awareness is connected directly to the frontal lobe and customers having the ability to evoke your brand quickly.

A strategic campaign should be built where it has publicity ‘beats’ built into the campaign, where the PR department can promote activities as they are ongoing. This keeps the brand and the cause connected as well as refreshed in the stakeholders’ mind.

The publicity beats can be promoted to the same group or where relevant targeted at specific stakeholders. It is all dependent upon the business’ objectives.

TXM Recruit demonstrated the use of this altruistic approach sponsoring a former professional Rugby player participating in a challenge for a Rugby charity RLCares. The campaign supporting the former rugby player ran for three months resulting in the TXM Recruit Brand being promoted regularly to the Rugby audience through the charity and associated personalities.

TXM Recruit benefited from a huge increase in social media and web traffic from this new market place during this time.


6. Amplify brand image

As stakeholders continue to feel positive about the cause and the role they play in its success there will be a connected association with the brand promoting or driving the activities.

This will be enjoyed by the brand as it will solidify its positive position within the stakeholders’ mind. The challenge will be to continue to create new successes associated with all activities.


7. Repair brand damage

CSR activities can also be used to repair damage to a brand by proactively approaching an issue head on.

In 2017 Coca Cola launched a campaign to the general public to find a new solution to artificial sweeteners. The soft drink giant has increasingly come under fire for the high sugar content of its standard soft drinks and the use of sweeteners in its low-calorie options.

They used a $1 million-dollar reward incentive for the campaign to promote their ability to be socially responsible and encourage stakeholders to help find a solution.

This encouraged the public to think about the brand as playing an active part in and consciously caring about the health and wellbeing of their customers. You could say they put their money where their mouth is. 


Hear from TXM Recruit's Managing Director, James Wall as he explains the importance of CSR.


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