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Engagement in the local community will play a pivotal role in terms of the future growth and development of TXM Recruit.

That is the message from Managing Director James Wall, who has spoken of his passion for community support and interaction.

TXM Recruit is a key backer of the Women in Transport initiative and support a host of local and regional sports sides.

Wall said: “Engagement outside of the four walls is vitally important and it is crucial for us to be involved - fully involved - not just transacting in and out of the industry.

“We are heavily involved in numerous initiatives and projects. We are one of the main sponsors of Women in Transport and, on a wider note, we have thrown our weight behind several communities by sponsoring local football and rugby teams. 

“It is not just about brand awareness for us. It is the right thing to do and we work extremely hard to fulfil what we see as our obligations. This is a significant area of focus for TXM Recruit and it is one I am extremely passionate about. 

“This business is all about people and our profit is in people, so engaging outside of our day-to-day operation is really crucial.

“What we are currently doing within the education sector, encouraging women to join our fantastic industry and, of course, the transport sector is something we are very proud of. 

“You can change a company’s future with one fantastic hire and change an individual’s life by placing that person in correct role.

“Engineering and recruitment are fantastic industries and we are constantly striving to bring talent to them.”

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