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For your company to be the best you need to access the best workforce and in the world of business it is in a recruitment company’s best interests to gather and trade in the best talent for your available roles.

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Why? Well it’s simple!

Because all Recruiters know that strong contractors, best in class who deliver on their skill set make for happy clients, and happy clients want to be happier, so they return to the partnerships that have solved their workforce problems in the past.

Attracting, collating and sorting through applications for open positions can be tedious work and even when you have filed it down to a short-list of prospects there’s still no certainty that you will get the best possible pick.

In this blog we explore our top 6 reasons why recruitment companies can help you target the best and highest qualified contractors.


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Below we have set out our 6 top reasons why partnering with a specialist recruitment company can help you with your hiring process.

  1. Candidates not applicants

  2. It’s who they know

  3. Smell BS

  4. Beyond the primary market

  5. Intimate industry knowledge

  6. Market knowledge support


So let’s get straight into it…


Candidates not applicants

When companies promote job positions the goal mainly is to shout loudly and hope they hit the correct person. The problem with this approach is you can get inundated with applications meaning you have to filter through piles of unqualified prospects. Alternatively, a recruitment company will provide you with industry specific candidates.


It’s who they know

One of the strongest reasons for using industry specific recruiters is they will have access to a wide network of work ready and qualified candidates. One of the skills of their trade is in understanding the talent within market and where that talent is.


Smell BS

Recruiters industry sector knowledge will enable them to sort through prospects that aren’t being completely honest. They know the language, the businesses and the players in the industry. It gives them unique insight into hiring talent, by asking the right questions as well as the best ways to run background checks.


Beyond the primary market

When jobs are posted for the most part you will only attract people that are actively looking for placements whom may not be right for the role. Recruiters will have knowledge of passive candidates (not currently looking) whom can be positioned with the opportunity to consider, increasing your talent pool of prospects if they act upon it. 


Intimate knowledge

Recruitment consultants have a unique and intimate understanding of hiring talent in your industry. The fact is they need to have a foot in both camps to make sure they are successful in making a great match.


Market knowledge support

Specialist recruiters will be able to support companies by offering them insight into market trends, going rates for salaries, talent abilities and much more. This can support hiring teams with the multitude of tasks when looking to fill roles.


Partnering with a recruitment company can help you speed up your hiring process, allow it to run smoothly, as well as save you both Money  and Time.

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