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A key finding in Jim Collins book ‘Good to Great’ is making sure you have ‘the bus’ heading in the ‘right’ direction with the ‘right’ people, sitting in the ‘right’ seats.

If you are a business owner or head up an engineering team looking to expand, then you are probably confident your business is moving in the right direction but the challenge of recruiting the ‘Right’ people can be the biggest threat to your business.

Get it right and your business will grow and prosper, get recruitment wrong and it can be the COSTLIEST mistake you can make.

There is a myriad of reasons to choose a recruitment agency to source talent for your business but in this blog, we are going to zero in on possibly the most important – It can SAVE YOU MONEY.


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Below we have listed the key reasons using a Recruitment company can save you money.

1.  Open positions cost

2.  No job post costs

3.  Training costs

4.  Fewer bad hires

5.  Reduces future hiring costs

6.  Removes impact on internal staff


An open position is a costly position.

It will come as no surprise that we employ staff to do mainly one of two things, save us money or make us money. The longer a position is left open it is doing neither of these things leaving your business or unit running at a loss.

Good recruitment agencies are skilled in the art of quick turn around and understand the importance of supporting and fulfilling your business’s needs.

Job posts do COST!

To target the talent you need on a Job posting website can cost you money, especially if you wish your post to stand out (or sponsored). Prices vary dependent upon what service you use and the qualifying system in place is secondary compared to dealing with recruitment consultants in your industry.

Training cost

Training personnel and getting them up to speed on how your work flows are implemented takes time and as we all know time is money. It is even worse when training has been implemented you realise the candidate does not have the aptitude to fulfil the role.

Working with talented recruitment specialists from your field will allow you the confidence that they will have a level of qualification before the candidate even arrives with you. Saving time and lowering the risk that the prospect won’t fit the role.

Fewer bad hires

Bad hires will cost productivity and ultimately won’t last long in your business, and every time they need to be replaced it will set you back, leaving you with open positions.

Reduces future hiring costs

Creating a working relationship with recruitment specialists from your field will allow them to understand your businesses direct needs. The consultant will learn to identify candidates with your desired skillsets and have them on file to be both proactive and reactive to your needs.

Removes impact on internal staff

For most organisations an internal recruitment officer or team is an unnecessary luxury. So often recruitment will fall to staff who have numerous other and more important roles. Recruitment takes them away from the things they are employed to do costing the company their time.

By creating a working relationship with a qualified recruitment company, they can pick up the heavy lifting, so staff can get back to delivering on their roles expectations.


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