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From screening candidates to arranging interviews, TXM Insights is an innovative video technology platform we utilise throughout our recruitment process, optimising the search to find your ideal candidate for your business.

The global pandemic has changed the way we communicate – especially within the recruitment world. To ensure our clients and candidates continue to receive an exceptional and speedy service whilst maintaining a ‘safe distance’, we’ve taken video technology to the next level, reducing time to hire and ensuring clients hit their business objectives.

As we’ve become more accustomed being in front on the camera and attending virtual meetings, our video technology platform speeds up the hiring process as well as ensuring all candidates are screened thoroughly and assessed fairly.

How does TXM Insights work?

Once we’ve partnered with you to scope out the role you’re looking to fill, the search for the perfect candidate begins. Taking candidate shortlisting to a whole new level, we will give you exclusive access to TXM Insights, providing the relevant information you need to know about the candidates we’ve shortlisted for you.

Rather than just reading a CV, our video interview platform brings our pre-screened, selected candidates to life, giving you insight on the candidates we are proud to represent. This includes detailed screening notes from our specialist consultants, bitesize recorded videos capturing candidates answering a series of tailored questions – not forgetting their CV and any supplementary documentation you may require!

Once you’ve reviewed the virtual candidate shortlist, our consultants will then arrange a virtual interview with the chosen candidates via TXM Insights, providing a safer alternative to face-to-face interviews.

If you’d like to learn more about TXM Insights and how we can help you find temporary, contract, and permanent candidates within a speedy yet fair manner, contact us today!

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