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​Taking the plunge and deciding to change jobs can be a daunting experience, especially for those working within the recruitment industry. Amongst the thousands of recruitment agencies out there, it’s essential to find a company that is the perfect fit for you, providing the perfect job opportunity too! Whilst we may think money is a key motivator; we naturally weigh up our career options before taking the next leap. This often involves evaluating a company’s culture, values and vision, brand reputation, what career opportunities and development awaits you as well as the managerial and team support, you’ll be provided with.

At TXM Recruit, our leadership team recently asked the team to complete an employee engagement survey, gathering feedback on what matters most to them. The purpose of the survey was to gauge what’s going well within TXM Recruit and highlight areas which require particular attention over the next 12 months. This survey provided insight on TXM Recruit’s culture, support, systems, and communication.

Tracy Sinclair, Head of People Development at TXM Recruit comments: “Whilst we do regularly check in with the team, we wanted to delve deeper and focus on the individuals within the business, allowing us to continue to engage and motivate our people in a much more meaningful way. Alongside the survey, we also organised individual catch ups, looking at each person’s aspirations as well as listening to challenges. From this, we spotted several trends, highlighting what makes TXM Recruit a great place to work as well as identifying challenges that we would then incorporate within the business plans.”

The survey highlighted many positive aspects about TXM Recruit, with all employees stating they are proud to work at TXM and look forward to work each day. The team are also excited about what the future holds and can see themselves happily working within the business in 12 months’ time. 90% of the workforce said they would recommend TXM Recruit to others as a ‘good place to work’, highlighting the culture, working environment, people, and ability to develop personally and professionally alongside strong leadership and managerial support, as key attributions to their happiness at TXM.

Despite the global pandemic creating many challenges across the recruitment industry, TXM Recruit has continued to evolve, having made 10 new hires over the last six months as well as investing in new technologies and office refurbishments, with plans to open a new office within the North West region.

TXM Recruit’s Managing Director James Wall comments: “We’ve seen some real positive business developments at TXM Recruit, including the opening of our New York City office TXM Inc, providing engineering recruitment across the USA and Canada. We’ve also made new hires, bringing specialists into the business and developing the divisions we support. This employee engagement survey has provided valuable insight to the leadership team, allowing us to continue to build upon the business whilst creating a great place to work for all our existing and future employees.”

TXM Recruit’s Internal Recruitment Manager Leah Cook comments: “Whilst it can be a nerve-racking experience changing jobs, we know how important it is to make the right decision. I recently asked my network of recruiters on LinkedIn to share insight on what would be a deciding factor in moving jobs. Interestingly, the highest percentage of people voted ‘lack of team support’ being a huge influence in deciding to move to another agency.

“Having seen the results from our recent employee engagement survey, it’s great to see how passionate our team is and what value TXM Recruit brings to them. We are always on the lookout for talented recruiters and specialists to join our business and always happy to have a conversation with fellow recruiters to share more insight on this.”

If you’d like to know more about TXM Recruit and the career opportunities we have available / on the horizon, let’s start the conversation today!

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