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The end of the year is always a good opportunity to reflect, to think back to what we have achieved and the ways in which we navigated the unpredictable twists and turns, especially when the year has been as uniquely difficult as this one.

We’ve all had to face and overcome new challenges and 2020 has taught us some important lessons which we can take forward into the new year and beyond. Crucial teachings such as the importance of working together, looking after one another and enjoying the little things have been brought to the forefront of our attention like never before. It’s been a long and arduous journey but we’ve all been on it together, sharing our experiences, picking each other up when we were down and being thankful for the many positives in our lives.

As we prepare ourselves for a well-deserved break and look ahead for what’s to come in the New Year, we asked the TXM team what they’ve been most thankful for this year, sharing moments of gratitude towards our colleagues, customers, candidates, and families who have been an even bigger part of their journey this year!

“This year I have been most thankful of course to have my health, but to still be employed. It has been a tough year with COVID-19 and many people have lost their jobs or been on furlough and having nothing to do apart from stay at home. Great to be able to be in a role where we support people within new roles and keep people working across the country. I’m also thankful for having my family who I am very close with and have spent a lot of time with this year.”Jacob Seward, Rail Team Leader

I am most thankful for my family.”Warren Barry, Operations & Sales Director

“Thankful for Sky sports and the professional sports coming back in June to get me through a quieter year.” – James Powell, FMCG Team Leader

“I am so grateful for Zoom fitness classes such as body pump and insanity as it has stopped me from looking like Santa and I can still fit in my work suit at the end of the year!” Leanne Thornewill, FMCG Division Manager

“I am thankful for the most unreal colleagues I could ever wish for! I am thankful for still having all my family around me. Finally, I am thankful for the Celebrations McFlurry and pasta!Chloe Harding, Critical Safety Administrator

“I am grateful for how hard the team have worked through this awful period, I am also grateful that my daughter is getting the rewards for how hard she worked over lockdown to improve her technique at football, she has gone on to score 14 goals in nine games since returning. As an eight-year-old girl she has set a great example to others and is getting out what she has put in which is something I believe to be the case in any walk of life.” Adam Knight, Operations & Sales Manager

“I’m thankful to have been able to continue to work throughout a tough year, it has allowed me to develop my career and get on the property ladder, so thanks to everyone at TXM!” Christian Savage, Facilities Management Recruitment Consultant

“I am thankful for our rail contractors who have kept the UK on track and helping key workers commute to work.”Charlie Webster, Senior Recruitment Consultant

“I am thankful for being able to move into my first house for Christmas and for the opportunity to move to NYC with TXM Recruit”. Megan Grace, Rail Recruitment Consultant

“There’s a few things I am most thankful for including the Golf courses which opened in May, my youngest daughter starting nursery, McDonalds bringing out the triple cheeseburger, working from home so I could go for more runs and get fit, and my Dad giving me his entire whisky collection!”Adam Marriott, Rail Recruitment Consultant

“I’m thankful for all the food I’m going to eat at Christmas!”Leah Cook, Internal Recruitment Manager

“I’m thankful for the engineers working within the Motorsport sector who helped build 1000 ventilators a day during the first lockdown.”Matthew Crowe, Operational Manager

“I’m so grateful for my TXM family and specifically my team who, all through lockdown, kept me sane with non-work zooms natters with wine! TXM as a business has really supported me personally and professionally, so of course I’m grateful for my job, but more than that, I’m thankful for having such a great management team to work and collaborate with, who see me as a person, and not just an employee.”Shreena Gokani, Learning & Development Manager

“The main thing I’m thankful for this year is the safe arrival of my little boy Raymond. He’s been such a 'Ray’ of sunshine in an otherwise bleak year and makes working hard worthwhile! Also thankful for Bruno Fernandes who without Man Utd would be screwed! – Scott Eveson, Construction Recruitment Consultant

Thankful for the great weather we had over the summer, appreciating the great outdoors, topping up the tan and keeping fit!” –Bethan Thomas, Account Manager

“I am so thankful to work with such an amazing bunch of people who make me smile every day! This year has given me the opportunity to appreciate all the wonderful things that were often taken for granted.”Josie Malone, Marketing Manager

“I am most grateful that as a family our jobs are secure which naturally has huge implications. Our health fortunately has not been directly affected by COVID. I’m also grateful for our puppy dog that we got in January who has provided many moments of fun and exercise.”Tracy Sinclair, Head of People Development

“I am incredibly thankful for the NHS who have worked throughout the year, working under extreme pressure, and saving lives!”Rachel Carter, Facilities Management Recruitment Consultant

“I am so grateful and thankful this year for the furlough scheme that was put in place keeping so many of us across the UK in work. I speak amongst many that say thank you ever so much!” - Natalie Gomm, Construction Senior Recruitment Consultant

"One thing I have been really thankful for this year is my bike, having it during furlough definitely helped me to do something productive with my time as it was nice to get out and explore more of the area that I live in, whilst also challenging myself to get quicker and increase the distances I was riding. Looking forward to using it for the London to Brighton cycle ride in 2021!" - Ben Wright, FMCG Recruitment Consultant

“We’re extremely thankful for our clients and candidates for their continued partnership as well as our Xtra Milers who have really gone The Xtra Mile this year.” –James Wall, Managing Director

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