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What is a recruitment agency? Simply put, a recruitment agency (or employment agency) matches skilled candidates to jobs and organisations. They introduce talent to prospective employers and act as a lynchpin, connecting both candidates and businesses to each other, widening reach and networks, when applying for (or recruiting for) positions.

Here are some of the reasons why working with a recruitment agency such as TXM Recruit, will help you as a job seeker find work, especially in this turbulent climate:

1) Supporting you with CV and cover letter writing expertise
Whether you’re a Cost Engineer or a Fleet Planning Manager, let our specialist recruiters support you in creating a CV and cover letter, that stands you out from the crowd. Because we understand your job roles and markets in depth, we can help bring your words, experiences and achievements to life, and match these to your perfect employers’ requirements. We appreciate that creating applications can be timely and stressful, particularly when it’s not something that you’re used to doing; let us take the worry out of it for you. 

We care about what we do and so invest a lot of time in understanding the motivators and drivers behind your specific search and requirements, which helps us to be able to relay relevant information back to the clients that you’d like us to represent you to.     

2) Helping you widen your reach to prospective employers
Because we operate in niche areas, TXM Recruit have built solid and trustworthy relationships with a vast network of employers within the engineering and rail markets and can therefore connect you to companies that you might not normally have access to.  As we are a reliable (and in a lot of cases, exclusive) partner to an extensive list of clients, we understand not only their live, open roles but their culture, values and ethos too, which allows us to introduce candidates on a speculative basis, even when there are no open positions.  Our proactive recruiters are adept at hunting out new opportunities and so our portfolio continues to grow.  Some of our clients’ roles don’t make it to job boards, so don’t miss out on your ideal opportunity! 

3) Providing interview preparation and support
Because we work so closely with our clients to refine their recruitment processes and understand their needs in a great level of detail, our recruiters can help you to plan and prepare for your interview, so that you can approach it with confidence and poise.  From guidance on the type of research you should conduct to conducting mock interviews with you, can rest assured that going for an interview through TXM Recruit will remove any unnecessary stress and anxiety.

We think honesty is key and so we will always endeavour to provide you with as much feedback as possible to help you in the next stages of the recruitment process, equipping you with the necessary tools to support your progress.

4) Taking care of process management
If you’ve ever been very active on the market, you’ll know how challenging it is to maintain control of the various applications that you can end up making, in the hunt to find your perfect employer.  Which CV did you submit for which role?  And was it this position that required you to do an online test, or was it the other one?  TXM Recruit benefits from utilising an intuitive and secure database, through which, we can manage all your applications and submissions for you.  We recognise that each application process differs, even if slightly, to the next, so let us navigate you through the next steps with ease and direction.

5) Gain the right insight for your industry 
Recruitment is what we do, and we’re very good at it!  It’s our recruiters’ job to know what’s going on in your specialist industry industry, who is hiring and why, what projects are up and coming and what the going rates are, so we will be able to advise you in your specialist fields and provide you with vital market knowledge and intelligence as well as support and guidance on changing law and legislation that might impact you.  We’re constantly talking to other candidates and companies in your specialist fields, as well as attending industry events and gathering topical information that we can provide you with, to help you feel confident as you take the exciting next steps in your career’s journey.

To find out more about how TXM Recruit’s specialist recruiters can add value to your job search, contact one of our dedicated team for a chat! 

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