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Utilising skilled, trusted and specialist recruitment agencies will be pivotal in supporting the economy’s upturn post COVID-19. Although many businesses will be evaluating their expenditure on the use of external partners and bringing these tasks in-house, it’s important to remember the value and return on investment recruitment agencies bring to your company. Recruiting new employees into your business can be a timely and costly process when managing this on top of your usual workload. So before deciding to manage your recruitment in-house, take a look at some of the key benefits you’ll see working with a credible recruitment partner like TXM Recruit!

1) Process management: Recruitment agencies are good at multi-tasking!
Those of you that have experienced recruiting will have learnt that you need to be good at spinning multiple plates! From advertising roles, sifting through applications, organising interviews and managing internal diaries, to negating salaries and start dates; these are just a few of the tasks involved! Exceptionally good organisational skills are required by recruiters in order to successfully manage multiple recruitment campaigns at any one time. 

In order to attract and then secure you the best talent, it’s important to find an agency that relieves the stress and pressure of your recruitment needs, working as an extension to your business rather than offering a ‘one stop shop’ type of service. At TXM Recruit, our consultants are accustomed to multi-tasking! Your dedicated consultant will carefully work with you to refine and then manage your entire recruitment process, representing your brand and values to potential candidates whilst keeping you in the loop throughout.  

2) Speed: Recruitment agencies can help your business stay on track
Recruitment can be time-consuming, especially when this is in addition to your day job! Whether you’re looking for immediate interim support on an urgent project or planning future requirements, working closely with a recruitment agency will help you meet your business objectives, quicker.

By partnering with TXM Recruit, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your roles are being looked after by a dedicated specialist within your field. After consulting with you to understand your specific needs, our consultants have access to a bank of pre-qualified, reference checked and proven candidates and will be able to select and shortlist candidates that best fit your requirements, presenting them to you with conviction.  

3) Cost-effective: working with a recruitment agency will save you money
Contrary to popular belief, it IS cost effective to work with a recruitment agency. Think about it, you won’t have to pay for multiple job boards or LinkedIn Recruiter to generate interest or incur the cost of creative writers to write you compelling and engaging adverts.  You won’t even have to spend your precious time managing diaries to organise interviews, which will leave you free and clear to complete your own tasks and responsibilities, supporting your business in your area of expertise.  

Remember, you don’t pay introductory fees until you have hired your shiny, new, perfect employee! In most cases, you will have the additional security of a rebate period, covering you in the unlikely event that your new starter doesn’t work out. That said, TXM Recruit is not in the business for just placing people but placing the right people into the right opportunities!

4) Quality network: Recruitment agencies provide a wider pool of candidates
Recruitment agencies have an extensive reach to not only the active candidate talent pool that would apply for your advertised positions, but the passive pool too who aren’t yet out there applying.  This means that by constantly identifying and engaging with hard to find, hidden talent, our recruitment consultants can provide you with candidates that are not readily on the market, giving you better quality candidates that you won’t find elsewhere. 

At TXM Recruit our consultants are immersed in their dedicated markets - we don’t just supply into our chosen industries; we also work in them too! If you have any urgent or last-minute recruitment requirements, we will be able to introduce you to the right talent to support you and your business quickly and with ease. Why not consider asking one of our recruitment consultants about our talent pooling service, where we can nurture and prepare a steady flow of continued talent into your business.

We not only match against what our clients are looking for, but what our candidates’ ideal positions are too, which we learn through our extensive pre-screening and interviewing processes, leading to long-term, successful matches and placements.

5) Industry knowledge: specialist recruitment agencies are specialist for a reason!
Finding a recruitment agency who specialises within the industries you work in will provide far greater reach and insight on the candidates you’re looking to place within your business.  

As a recruitment specialist within the engineering and technical sectors, TXM Recruit’s team is passionate and immersed within their core sectors, meaning each consultant is genuinely interested and in the know of their specialist industries. As well as the obvious (understanding the ins and outs of the skillsets they recruit for in their chosen industries), our consultants are able to advise you on industry trends, providing you information on your market and updating you on new emerging topics they collate through research and conversations with other clients and candidates. It’s also worth noting our consultants can guide you on any changes in law and legislation like IR35!

These are just a few of the many benefits you’ll see working in partnership with a recruitment agency like TXM Recruit. So before assigning yourself the huge task of managing your recruitment needs, contact the team to understand more about how TXM Recruit’s specialist recruiters can guide and support your business through the upturn.

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