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Businesses choose to work with recruitment companies for several reasons. The main drivers are to save time, money, resources and man power and ultimately work towards generating profit by employing the most talented individuals.

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Like with many areas of business and life ‘All things weren’t created equal’ and there are good recruitment companies and bad ones. Finding the right partner for your organisation could be a mine field so we’ve put together our guide on what to look for when deciding on your recruitment strategy.


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Utilising industry knowledge and reviewing several global recruitment companies from wide ranging sectors we have compiled a list of key attributes and unique selling points the best recruitment companies promote.  

  1. Going the Xtra Mile

  2. Research

  3. Tailored services

  4. Embrace new technology

  5. Experience counts

  6. People driven

  7. Socially responsible

  8. Understand needs

  9. Sector knowledge

  10. Attract top talent

  11. Continual participation in industry events and initiatives

Many great recruitment companies will embrace most of these attributes although focus on either one or two to be their unique selling points. Below we have added a brief explanation of each of these attributes.


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1.  Going the Xtra Mile

Identifying the companies and consultants that are known for going the Xtra Mile for their clients and candidates is a great place to start. Find out through your grapevine which recruitment companies have built up a reputation for doing that little bit Xtra for all its clients and you will be onto a winner.

2.  Research

Several top companies will implement their own primary research to tailor their services for clients, candidates and consultants alike. A company willing to understand stakeholders intimately will use the data to separate themselves from the rest. It’s a good example of going above and beyond and being industry shapers. They will also base their decisions on hard researched facts as opposed to assumptions.

3.  Tailored services

If a recruitment company promotes tailored services, this can be a good indicator that they are willing to go the Xtra Mile. Every business has its own processes, culture and systems which make them unique and having support of a partner willing to tailor their services and adapt to your needs productively may be worth your time.

4.  Embrace new technology

Recruitment companies are becoming increasingly more tech savvy. Companies that do not embrace at least a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system will be left behind. Although data collection of candidates and clients can be manually stored and managed this is not the most efficient or cost-effective method. Artificial intelligence software is now being implemented across the industry identifying candidates before they even start looking for new roles. Chat bots will help secure interested stakeholders when they are reviewing a website and the development of software which can remove some of the qualifying processes for consultants when working with hundreds of CV’s. Smart organisations know they need to move with the tech or else they end up playing catch up.

5.  Experience counts

Albert Einstein once quoted “The only source of knowledge is experience” and the benefit of choosing a recruitment company that has been around a while is that with time comes experience and knowledge. Most organisations that have operated for over ten years have survived that long for a reason, they know what they are doing. That is not to say that new companies are not any good, not at all; but an organisation that has been around for a decade will have built up a reputation which you can use to qualify whether they will be the correct fit for you. 

6.  People driven

People lead businesses are successful businesses that drive profit. Putting the person at the heart of decisions makes sense whether they are clients, candidates or staff. It will be the business full of good people that you and your staff will prefer to work with. Good people also tend to go that ‘Xtra Mile’ we discussed earlier. So look out for the company with that human touch permeating throughout.

7.  Socially Responsible

On the note of ‘Good people’ look for companies that invest in social inclusion and diversity, companies that look to support local and national activities and teams. Companies that partner with charities and use their resources to leverage support for positive community activities. These attributes are normally good indicators as to the personalities driving the business.

8.  Understanding Needs

Recruitment consultants and teams that highlight understanding the needs and wants of candidates will have a better chance matching the correct talent with you. Look for consultants or companies that have a reputation for being personable with their candidates because only then can they truly understand how well suited they are for your roles.

9.  Sector knowledge

Companies that have consultants and managers whom have worked in your specific sector will have intimate understanding of the role and expectations required to fill your post. This will give them a distinct advantage in finding the correct talent for your business. The best recruitment companies will make a conscious effort to source internal staff from these talent pools knowing that specific personality types coupled with their skill set will excel in the dynamic world of recruitment. These consultants will have had the specialist training in your sector to understand your needs and will have a higher likelihood of success matching your company with the right candidate.

10.  Attract top talent

When looking for the right fit look for companies that have some nice little touches. Something that separates them from the rest. It could be a set of services targeted directly at candidates to help them beyond ‘finding a job’. They might be utilising data from research and speaking to them in an interesting tone on social media and/or really driving home the personal touch. You will understand the candidate’s language because you are looking for them yourself to fill your role, ask yourself when reviewing a business, does what they say resonate with my current staff and do they communicate to their needs and motivations. 

11.  Continual participation in industry events and initiatives

Recruitment companies that actively participate in industry events like exhibitions and tradeshows do a great job of exposing themselves to the talent within the sector. They will likely have a strong network of candidates which will grow with every event they attend as they continue to be at the cutting edge of the industry. 


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