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Hey Girls! Engineering might just be the vocation for you?

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It may or may not surprise you, but women make up less than 10% of the engineering work force in the UK. At university the figures aren’t much better with only 15% of all engineering students being female.

That is embarrassingly low in comparison to other European countries who have embraced a drive to populate their work force with a better gender balance. In some parts of Asia that balance is in excess of 50% (Oman, Malaysia), although improvements can always be made internationally.


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Thinking about engineering as a vocation? Below we’ve set out our top 5 reasons for why young women should consider working in this field.

1) Design the world

2) Employers need women

3) Travel the world

4) Get paid big

5) Because its untapped and untraditional


Design the world

Engineers are the artists of today. They design the cool things we interact with and infrastructure around us. They develop the tools, toys and algorithms of modern life now and will be at the heart of shaping the cool of tomorrow. 

Employers need women

With the UK engineering industry having less than 10% female representation there are three main reasons why the industry is crying out for women in Engineering:

  - Talent! - We all know that the female gender makes up 50% of the population so the industry understands how they are missing out on an extreme amount of brain power, skill and talent.

  - Productivity - It’s also a known that diverse work forces are more productive.

  - Industry Growth - The industry is outgrowing the number of engineers available so there is a drastic need for more. What this usually means is that it’s an employee’s market and you will have your pick of jobs.

Travel the world 

There isn’t just a skills shortage in the UK it is actually across the world so if travel is something you have placed on your bucket list then you’ll find, most if not all engineering skill sets know no boundaries. 

£££ Get paid big £££

Traditionally women are encouraged to follow high paying vocations like becoming lawyers, doctors or business executives but did you know engineers are some of the highest paid employees on the planet. Couple that with need from employers above and the fact that the numbers are so low in the industry this could give you an advantage for quick advancement and more money sooner.

It’s untapped and untraditional

We live in an age where it’s not ‘This girl can’ but ‘This girl Is already doing it’. Engineering could be that place where you can make your mark and stand out from the crowd. There are a number of leading lights blazing the way for women in engineering and now might be the chance for you.

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