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We are seeking ‘motivated’ personnel to join the TXM Recruit team as our ‘Xtra Milers’ recruitment drive continues.

If you are the kind of person who bursts into the room, bringing waves of enthusiasm, professionalism and a desire to achieve, then we will have a role for you.

We believe highly-motivated staff can be key to a business’ success and here at TXM Recruit, we are always seeking to add talent to our team!

We are looking for people who thrive in an office environment and relish the prospect of becoming a team player.

Here at TXM Recruit we take great pride in our workplace environment and attempt to recruit engaged personnel, who boast an attention to detail and a desire to achieve.

If you would be proud to represent us and think you have what it takes to become an ‘Xtra Miler’, click here to get in touch!

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