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Here at TXM Recruit we want our people to go about their business in the best way possible and thrive in their role.

Approach plays a key role in this, so here are our top-five tips to ensure your working day proves as productive, efficient and rewarding as possible…


Research shows that employees who have outside views are likely to be over 25% more productive in the workplace. Figures also state that staff are able to process calls up to 15% faster and it has been proven that natural light can increase productivity by close to 20%. Clear and bright office lighting has the power to increase work rates by 23%.


It can be extremely difficult to focus when phones are continually ringing and conversations are going on around you. Ensure your office is laid out in the best way possible, using furniture solutions to provide a clear working environment and keep walkways away from the desk - even in an open space.


The office layout often reflects your company’s culture and brand values. Getting on board with the way your employer operates will ensure you approach your working day in the right way. Pulling together as one, as a team, results in collaboration - and collaboration equals improved performance and output. 


Working hard is one thing. Working smart is another - and it is crucial to your success. Manage and maximise your workspace at all times. Look at how it is being used, keep it clean and tidy and give yourself plenty of room to breathe. Make use of any facilities available to you, designed specifically for staff to unwind during the working day. If you feel good, your morale will be higher and, as a result, you will be more efficient. 


Studies have shown that improved air quality and greater ventilation has the power to increase productivity by up to 11%, while thermal comfort has the same effect by up to 5%. Plantation often looks nice and can help keep the air in your office clean by circulating the building, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. No one wants to battle headaches or other irritations while attempting to be fully productive in the workplace. 

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