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Industry 4.0 is coming and it promises to revolutionise working environments, with factories and systems across the globe being considered for significant updates.

Mass production, on the back of electricity and assembly lines, followed steam and the birth of industrial mechanics as we know them today. 

Computers forged a new era in automation as robots were introduced to replace the human workforce plying their trade on the production lines. 

Industry 4.0 takes matters to a whole new level.

This is introducing what is being called the ‘smart factory’. 

Here, all-new and state-of-the-art cyber systems are placed to mirror the physical process of production, while moving operations away from a single administrative centre. 

We must now consider what this will mean for the manufacturing recruitment industry? 

Though this may appear somewhat destructive it is far from it. 

The use of robots and new technologies are set to create a host of new and exciting roles within the industry. These machines must be maintained and controlled. 

Industry 4.0 allows computer systems and automation to come together in a new and powerful way.

Robotics can now be connected to remote computer systems, which are being equipped with algorithms which are able to adapt to control the robots with virtually no input from human operators.

Factories and systems must include machines, devices, sensors and people who connect and communicate with one another in order to be considered for Industry 4.0. This is called interoperability.

They must also entail systems which have the capability of mirroring the physical world via sensor data and those that boast the ability to support human decision making. 

The benefits of Industry 4.0 are sizeable and can outweigh any negatives being considered by production facilities throughout the world. 

In dangerous environments, safety and wellbeing can be dramatically improved and supply chains can become more readily controlled as a result of data being processed by every single manufacturing and delivery process. 

It is no longer a question of when Industry 4.0 will arrive. It is now a case of how quickly.

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