TXM Recruit Xtra Miler: Toby Smith


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Toby Smith, a proud member of the company’s manufacturing division, says things are “bigger and better” with TXM Recruit. 

Relatively new to the TXM team, ‘Xtra Miler’ Toby is plotting a big future and believes growth is very much on the cards.

He was drawn to his senior role with TXM Recruit in a bid to work with some of the UK’s biggest businesses. 

“I joined TXM Recruit last August and have never looked back,” said Toby.

“This is a really exciting place to work and, having known a couple of the guys who worked here already, I was delighted to become involved.

“I have been in and around engineering recruitment for many years but at TXM Recruit I am working with some massive names.

“I wanted to be a part of a company which is process driven and operating alongside big players, which we most definitely are. 

“TXM Recruit has a fantastic future, which I am really looking forward to being a part of.

“We are continuing to grow and develop and I am working hard to play my part in all of it.”