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Mental Health Awareness week began on Monday and TXM Recruit are looking to lead from the front.

TXM Recruit have instructed the support of Arthur Ellis, a mental health support company which works closely with businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

Jon Manning heads up Arthur Ellis and takes pride in ensuring workforces across the country are performing to the best of their abilities - in a healthy manner.

His company works to empower management by providing a deeper insight and understanding into mental health, providing the tools to deal with issues while helping staff to approach situations differently internally and externally.

“We are going to be operating alongside the guys at TXM Recruit, assisting with the mental health of staff and how they are currently approaching their working lives,” said Manning. 

“Only around 11% of employees disclose mental health issues to their employers and we want to improve that figure dramatically.

“We will be speaking to TXM Recruit staff and using real-life experiences to carry out a detailed survey in a bid to provoke conversation. This will help us gain a fresh and accurate insight into the business.

“It will help us to best advise TXM Recruit in terms of how they can support staff in the future. It can often be just a case of making subtle changes to the working environment, though there can be more significant changes required.

“We recently worked with a company which informed us that more than 80% of its employees had been affected with some form of mental illness.

“We are extremely well experienced in terms of mental health and offer insight into performance, staff turnover and even motivation issues. 

“Businesses need to have their employees working well and feeling healthy in order to get the best of out them.

“In turn, if companies are at one with mental health and the thoughts and feelings of their staff, growth will occur. A healthy workforce and working environment is often a hugely productive one.”

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