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If you have recently finished university and earned a degree, you may still find yourself wondering what to do next. 

You boast a great education. You are talented and hugely enthusiastic and carry all of the key attributes of a successful recruiter.

This can be the case if your degree has not guided you directly into a specific profession. 

With the British economy continuing to improve and develop, the demand for talented people is increasing dramatically. Companies across the country are seeking specialist help to identify and attract skilled candidates for specific roles. 

Using specific knowledge, judgement and expertise, we are able to match a business’ vacancy to the ideal candidate - across multiple professions. 

Here are FIVE reasons why a career in recruitment can be a perfect fit for graduates

1) EARN 

Strong financial incentives are on the table then it comes to high levels of performance and the hitting of targets! The more successful you become, the greater your rewards will be. 


Those who perform at high levels often find themselves progressing into senior roles. Recruitment judges professionals on performance and it is not an industry which looks to reward those who have served the longest period of time. 


We invest in our people to ensure they have the tools to become leaders of the future. Training, coaching and mentorship is there to ensure you can become the best you can be. 


No two days are the same in recruitment and we push our employees to build towards success. Although there are targets to meet, you will have the flexibility and autonomy you require to ensure the job gets done to a high standard. 


This industry provides everyone who enters it with something to very much take on. If you’re a confidence person, who loves to communicate, influence and develop, then recruitment is something you should face head on. You will gain immense satisfaction and pride in your role. 

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