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TXM Recruit manager Matt Crowe, last weekend participated in the famous London Marathon and this week the rest of the office took to the road and ‘literally went The Xtra Mile’, by successfully completing a mile long run of their own.

This marked the latest occasion that the staff at TXM Recruit came together during their work hours to take part in a business wide team activity, with over 27 people collectively running further than the London Marathon.

From the office floor, teams were compiled from the layout of the desks pitting group against group and colleague against colleague as everyone pulled together for some friendly rivalry.

The staff were set the challenge of running a distance of just over a mile, between the hours of 1pm and 5pm, and in their teams the times would be brought together to find which group collectively ran the fastest mile.

The competitiveness and accompanying banter provided extra motivation for the staff, all of whom were eager to beat each other’s time.

And one member of staff at TXM who loved the challenge of the gruelling mile long sprint run was Luke Whitrow.

Whitrow expressed his personal account of the race following its completion.

He shared: “It was another brilliant day for all of us here at TXM Recruit as it was great fun to be a part of!

“There was a lot of excitement during the run. A lot of competitiveness occurred between us in terms of wanting to beat each other’s times.

“But that aside, here we enjoy each other’s company and these team activities help us freshen up our drive and the way we interact with each other, which I thought was an absolutely fantastic achievement.”

Further challenges were thrown into the mix as a team table tennis tournament played its part alongside a marathon quiz.

The staff successfully managed the workload, with groups interchanging with each other throughout the day.

This saw the TXM ‘family’ successfully ‘juggle’ the workload as well as cover over 27 individual miles on the day.

A testament to how TXM Recruit really does go That Xtra Mile.

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