The sky is the limit for women in engineering


TXM Recruit News

“The ‘Sky is the limit’ in terms of what the engineering industry can offer women!” Claims Hitachi Account Manager for TXM Recruit Louise Gill.

Louise joined TXM Recruit back in October 2017, adding to her previous seven years of experience within the recruitment industry.

In her current role with TXM Recruit, she understands the importance of increasing female participation within engineering.

A reason for this is that she believes equality generates better results within a working environment.

“Studies and data show that more diverse teams are the most productive.” she said.

She continued: “It can only be a benefit to businesses both inside and outside of engineering to attract a more varied demographic of candidates, whether they be women or other minority groups.

“This is what attracted me to enter the industry; encouraging women within engineering not only promotes equality but also sees better results produced within the industry!”

However, in 2017, surveys indicated that only 11% of the UK’s engineering workforce is female.

In response, Louise possesses a solution on how to increase more women within engineering.

She shared: “In order to encourage more women into careers in engineering, I think there needs to be increased transparency of the opportunities available and more accessible information provided to schools.

Louise continued: “Increased integration between schools and leading engineering businesses would provide the insight required to understand the diverse range of opportunities available within the industry and provide clarity on the different route into careers in engineering.”