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Introducing TXM Recruit’s new Managing Director, James Wall…

This year ushers in a new era for TXM Recruit as James Wall takes over the reins as managing director following Andrew Midgley’s move to head up the TXM Group. 

TXM Recruit’s media team caught up with James to understand his journey from professional sportsman to Managing Director, how he knows the business will continue to grow and what he feels are the unique drivers behind their success.

Q) After playing professional football, how did you come to find yourself leading TXM Recruit? 

A) “I originally started my professional career after leaving school at the age of 16. I joined Derby County, signing a professional contract as a 17-year-old.

“Professional football was fantastic as it allowed me to travel the world, including playing in the United States for both Atlanta and Nashville. As a sportsman, I acquired a number of great skills, such as working within a group dynamic under pressure, managing personalities and bringing people together – all within a competitive environment, which are skills which have helped me later in life.

“Following a knee injury in 2002, my sporting career came to an end and, 16 years ago, I threw myself into the recruitment industry. This began straight away, specialising within the engineering and technical sector and I guess - as they say - the rest is history.

“As a youngster growing up in Derby, I noticed we have some of the biggest engineering brands on the planet, in Rolls Royce, Toyota and Bombardier to name but a few. It is a hotbed for engineering talent.

“Early on in my career I was headhunted by TXM Recruit Group managing director Andrew Midgely, who was working for another agency at the time. I enjoyed five years managing a large Managed Service Programme (MSP) within the rail industry before launching other business streams within the aerospace and general manufacturing sectors. Over the course of my tenure the team grew from six people into a multi-sector focussed team of 32 people, managing a turnover of £50million.

“In 2015, I embarked on my first experience of being a managing director, albeit at a small yet specialised recruitment company, where we trebled our turnover and profit in just over 18 months. I was then reunited with Andrew Midgley and joined TXM Recruit as operations and sales director - up until two weeks ago.”

Q) How have the past two weeks been?

A) “As you would expect, the preparations for my transition from my original position to managing director have been ongoing for the last six months, with me working closely alongside Andrew Midgely and the exec team. The changeover has run smoothly and I have to thank all of the TXM team for their continued support, which has been there since day one.

“I feel very proud and privileged to have this role as I am only the third person to enjoy the responsibility of directing what is the flagship TXM brand. We have a very ambitious plan and one that every person here is excited to execute.”

Q) What makes TXM Recruit special?

A) “There are so many great things to say. The ethos inside this company is hugely entrepreneurial and staff are gifted an incredible amount of autonomy within their roles. This may sound cheesy but it empowers them to consistently go ‘The Xtra Mile’ as they feel they have ownership. The work ethic from staff is something I have not experienced elsewhere. That desire to work hard and better themselves has the knock on effect of delivering amazing benefits for both our clients and candidates.

“The values of the organisation that were set 12 years ago are still very much present. It is the bedrock of the success in which TXM Recruit has enjoyed. It is incredible that the original founders are still very active within the business and this sets the tone and reinforces our core values.

“Andrew Midgely, supported by working group directors Gary Lincoln and Gavin Hanrahan, drive the values and remain integrally involved within our business. This knowledge bank and their spirit is a pivotal part of our foundations”.

Q) What does the future hold for TXM Recruit?

A) “We have a long-term, detailed strategy in place and my job is to drive, deliver and execute this strategy. We have 68 employees at the moment and we will look to nearly double that by 2022 which will drive turnover and profit.

“We will achieve this by investing within. We will look to continually develop our people and look to identify new ‘Xtra Milers’. People which fit with our ethos and values. Here at TXM Recruit we are unique in that we employ both an internal recruitment manager and development manager which demonstrates our commitment to the development of our business and people. 

“They are both high quality individuals tasked with specific roles of developing our pathways for our people and identifying talent to join us on our journey. We are blessed to work with some of the biggest brands in the world and as such it is imperative they have the best service from the best people and that is TXM Recruit.”

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