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Finding your calling can be one of life’s great challenges. The direction we take after education can be difficult and confusing. For many with the aptitude for recruitment it can be the perfect fit.  

Team Leader Scott Barczewski has, on reflection, described his time at TXM Recruit as the “best years of his life”.

Shortly after departing education, Barczewski struggled for employment.

But then along came TXM Recruit, who contacted Barczewski and from there, Scott kick-started his career within recruitment, working for the Built Environment sector, and he has not looked back since!

Speaking of his experience with TXM Recruit, he shared: “It is a fantastic place to be. I compare it to a football changing room.

“we have great banter which keeps us going whilst the hard work happens ‘on the pitch’.

“To have a laugh with colleagues helps keep you in a positive frame of mind that in turn assists in completing our work load, helping us get through each and every day.”

What attracted Barczewski to his role was the impression that TXM Recruit left on him.

Sharing his story on joining TXM Recruit, he said: “From having no background at all within recruitment, TXM then took me on and gave me an opportunity.

“After six months, the opportunity looked to be ‘going south’ but they then put a plan in place and have helped me to get where I needed to be.

“It obviously takes two to make that work. Since then, I have done my best to repay the favour by working hard and making the decision to give me this chance worthwhile.

“I actually spoke to five different other recruitment agencies prior to TXM Recruit and struggled for an interview so for TXM to give me this opportunity was priceless and one that I have thrived on since joining!

“It is because of this experience that TXM Recruit is a fantastic recruitment agency to work for and one I would recommend to anyone!”

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