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“It wouldn’t be possible to offer our mentoring programme or any of the other membership benefits without corporate sponsorship,” explains Women in Transport Vice President, Sonya Veerasamy discussing the support from TXM Recruit.

TXM Recruit has been helping Women in Transport expand as an organisation through the xtra support they have given over the last 12 months.

The multi award-winning recruitment company has become an integral part of Women in Transport’s development and helped start the organisation’s first mentoring programme, which has been a huge success.

“Last year I was working for ENGIE and was introduced to Gary Lincoln as TXM Recruit is a supplier for them on their Transport for London contract. At that time, I was looking for sponsorship for a mentoring programme for Women in Transport to deliver the programme and the training,” explained Veerasamy, who has been thoroughly impressed with the work and help TXM Recruit has given the organisation since they came onboard.  

“When I met Gary, it was clear that supporting women working in the industry is something that is really close to his heart and that he is very enthusiastic about.

“TXM Recruit and ENGIE jointly sponsored the mentoring programme. Gary fully embraced it and has become a mentor for us, which is awesome. He is now in a mentoring relationship with one of our mentees.

“Gary has also gone beyond that to do school engagement work in conjunction with Women in Transport and now TXM Recruit are sponsoring one of our APPG events.” 

Women in Transport is a non-profit organisation that is run by volunteers, other than one full-time member of staff. It is TXM Recruit’s involvement and support that has allowed them to develop and exceed their own expectations.

“Without the corporate sponsorship support that we have from the likes of TXM Recruit we wouldn’t be able to offer our members a mentoring programme, events and the networking that we do. That is really how we build our network and support women in transport.

“We were astounded by the positive response from the industry to the mentoring programme. The response has led to more interest from corporate sponsors to get involved.

“The change of name seems to have really hit the mark with the industry as a whole, so we are getting responses from all over the country now; people who want to get involved and want to help us expand the network.

“With the mentoring programme we thought we’d struggle to get mentors and have 10 or 15 pairs. We had a limit because we wanted to be able to train them all, but we had 80 applications for mentees and 60 applications for mentors, which was amazing.” 

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