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“History of delivering successful results are what people want to see!” Claims TXM Recruit Divisional Manager of Manufacturing Matthew Crowe.

With over 13 years’ experience within the Manufacturing sector, Crowe was targeted by TXM Recruit before accepting the role of Divisional Manager of Manufacturing back in January 2017.

Speaking of how he goes about his business with TXM Recruit, Crowe said: “We break the Manufacturing team down into three specialist areas that are aerospace, automotive and FMCG.

“The teams that sit in those sub-sectors can focus on roles that will be a re-occurring thing and consistency is a unique selling point.

“This will help clients get a better understanding of the salaries, the benchmarks, factory opening and closing plus the skill availability and any projects that are coming up in the industry.

“So, the repetition of work should give them better availability of candidates and marketing knowledge as well.

“It is this detailed touch that’s sets us aside from the competition and it has helped us build our expertise and sector knowledge.”

Since arriving at TXM Recruit, Crowe has managed to attract some key clients to TXM Recruit.

Speaking of the dealings with them, he said: “a key client contacted us last year as they had a small requirement, where they needed some extra technicians to get an order out.

“So we supplied them with five contractors to start immediately and also to look at the long term skills shortage that we have in the area because they are based in Northamptonshire.

“We actually put them in touch with TXM Academy, where they now supply them with apprentices to look after their long term needs.

“It is vital to have such a solution available for all clients. This approach has enabled us to tend to larger projects, so we can deliver the ‘man power’ they need in order to be successful.

“The more talent we can get embedded in their business and the more support we can offer them, the better our long-term relationship with them.

“The more our clients know about TXM Recruit then a more enhanced service they will receive!”

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