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Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultants play a vital part in the growth of the economy. Working in partnership with hiring managers and internal recruitment teams Recruitment Consultants are responsible for identifying the very best talent to help each company achieve its goals, be it for a specific project, planned growth or permanent/interim employee replacement.

Recruitment Consultants commonly work as part of a structured framework of approved Recruitment Agency suppliers with each Recruitment Consultant being responsible for developing their market knowledge and personal network of industry professionals and contacts to ensure deliver best value to each customer by presenting the right talent at the right time.

Working proactively to develop talent pools of individuals who match the company’s core values, skill set requirements and competencies Recruitment Consultants act as an extension of each company they are engaged by, often being the first point of contact and reference to describe and give the prospective employee an insight into the hiring company.

Managing the full end to end recruitment process, from marketing and advertising through to interview screening, feedback/offer management and onboarding Recruitment Consultants are key to the successful outcome of a company’s hiring process.

Recruitment Consultants will typically have developed their knowledge and expertise through a background as a Resourcer, Researcher or Trainee Recruitment Consultant. With a thirst for learning and an inquisitive yet professional mindset most will have had some form of face to face customer service or business to business sales experience prior to joining the recruitment industry or may already have direct experience of working in the industry for which they are going to recruit.

What sets Recruitment Consultants apart from more junior Trainee Consultants and Researchers is their ability to bring on board new customers and win new business whilst still maintaining and delivering a valuable service to an existing customer base.

Using their in-depth market, project and recruitment knowledge a skilled Recruitment Consultant is able to provide solutions to each company’s hiring needs and challenges.

Recruitment Consultants are consultative in their approach. Conducting in depth discovery sessions with each prospective customer to understand their hiring challenges and needs before then presenting a solution that is tailored specifically to their businesses. Detailing exactly how they would approach the recruitment process and describing the unique features and benefits they can provide if chosen to become a partner of choice.

Key responsibilities will include:

- Establishing the hiring objectives for each prospective company and gaining a detailed understanding of their culture, core values and   what they can offer to prospective new workers.

- Presenting the agency as a professional service provider that can deliver a valuable service and solution.

- Negotiating fees and presenting agency features and benefits

- Representing the agency at industry events, panels and groups.

- Managing the end to end Recruitment Process from vacancy qualifying through to candidate profiling and  resourcing, interviewing and screening, interview and placement management and onboarding.

- Networking with industry professionals and developing market knowledge and intelligence.

- Managing your time effectively to ensure delivery against agreed objectives and KPI’s

Dependant on the agency Recruitment Consultants may also be titled Recruiter, 360 Recruiter, Lead Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment Lead, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Consultant, Principle Consultant and Principle Recruitment Consultant.

A Recruitment Consultant salary will range from £20,000 to £35,000 depending on regional variance and level of experience.