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How often have you heard the phrase, you can’t do it all on your own? It’s not a reference to a perceived inability to do your job, but more a nod to the importance of networking in the workplace. No one is doubting your talent and potential, but they acknowledge just how much can be achieved if you seek advice from experts within the field.

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If you are actively seeking career progression in recruitment, you will be energetic, enthusiast, confident and self-starting. You are also open to regular feedback and will strive to improve at every opportunity and that includes networking in order to achieve the best results.

Recruiters love someone who has experience, someone who has had the confidence to throw themselves into previously uncomfortable situations for the greater good. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it is not a sign of weakness and if you don’t, your employers may deem your lack of initiative as a sign you are not interested in progression.

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Here are our top four ways you can benefit from networking in your chosen vocation:

  1. More Knowledge

  2. More Opportunities

  3. Gain a Different Perspective

  4. More Confidence

1. More Knowledge

Michael Dell (founder of Dell Technologies) once said “don’t be the smartest person in the room”, because if you’re the smartest in the room then you’re not able to learn from those around you. Building a large network of smart people will help your development and progression. Surrounding yourself with people that are experts in your field will keep you exposed to ‘best practice’.

A wide network of well-informed contacts results in a broader access to new and valuable information which can help you be a success in the eyes of your bosses. You are likely to meet people who are in a position where you strive to be in years to come, and people who have been in the same position you are currently in. Meeting people with those experiences will help you learn from their journey and avoid any pitfalls they encountered along the way.

2. More Opportunities

Networking naturally results in more opportunities as you seek to progress up the ladder in your chosen vocation. As the saying goes, ‘it is not what you know, it is who you know’. Whether it is a referral, a partnership or having previously worked for them in some capacity, putting your name in the frame at the earliest opportunity will pay off in future years.

Strengthen your position by building a wide range of networks, push yourself out of your comfort zone to open up new avenues to explore. You are able to raise your profile amongst bosses and recruiters alike, and this is your opportunity to build a reputation as an employee they can’t afford not to have. This way, you will be the person they think about when they start thinking about promotion.

3. More Confidence

By regularly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and building networks to meet people of value and knowledge, your confidence levels will improve. Business owners and C level executives see confidence as a very valuable attribute in an employee, they understand building connections to others as key to the growth of their business.

Being confident in the workplace will help you maintain a positive attitude. A positive attitude can help you cope better under stressful situations, where keeping a sharp mind to provide the best solution is a trait that will prove priceless to your boss. Recruiters want positive people, they want to see how you have made a difference by being proactive and seeking solutions.

Your new found confidence in the workplace can help build social skills that may prove to be invaluable in all walks of life, you will learn to grow as a person and as an employee and learn how to make connections and relationships that last.

4. Different Perspectives

When you are working on a project day in, day out, it is easy to get stuck in a rut and much like writers block, fail to produce the required results as you hit the metaphorical wall. This is why networking can be the difference to you being a success in your career. By talking to people who expertise in a specific area, you can gain insights that can only come from a ‘fresh pair of eyes’.

‘A fresh pair of eyes can often find problems’ – Mike Simpson.

Some see asking for help as a sign of weakness but smart bosses see it as a sign of strength. They see it as a sign of someone who strives to achieve the best results and will do whatever it takes to do so. Bosses will be impressed by your proactive attitude towards the situation and the standard of your work will improve too, and we all care about producing the best work we can, right?

Final Thoughts

The benefits of networking in the workplace are there for all to see. It is an essential tool if you are intent on progressing through the ranks as the experiences of others will prove invaluable as you plot your journey to success.

From the workplace benefits to the psychological benefits, those who network efficiently tend to achieve the better results. Be a success in your organisation and the name in the frame when it comes to recruitment, make an instant impression and make sure people have you in mind.

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