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Successful professionals across all walks of life share a common theme of embracing Continuous Learning. Resting on laurels is not an option, looking for new and better solutions to everyday dilemmas helps differentiate what they do, who they are and helps them stand out from the crowd, and you can bet bosses and recruiters alike are after proactive individuals who display high levels of initiative.

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There is no progression in settling for what you have, thrive in your job by striving to improve. Love to learn and approaching work with this attitude will make you more productive, more efficient, and more likely to progress than an individual who holds no interest in stepping out of their comfort zone.

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Push your limits, develop your strengths and focus on eradicating your weaknesses.

Here are our top four tips to help you better yourself to progress in your chosen vocation:

  1. Be Organised

  2. Be Positive

  3. Seek Feedback

  4. Immerse Yourself

1. Be Organised

Recruiters value very highly an individual who boasts excellent organisational skills and possesses urgency to get the job done. When an employer can delegate jobs and have confidence the job will be completed to the highest standard, you’ve got yourself a ticket to the fast track to success.

A 2009 study by Stanford University detailed how multitasking impairs your cognitive control as your brain tries to organise multiple pieces of information it cannot focus on just one task, much like trying to solve numerous puzzles at once.

Being organised will increase productivity too and helps with communication within your network, which will help have a positive impact on those around you, another key trait when it comes to recruitment.

2. Be Positive

Developing a positive mental attitude can not only help you offer solutions but offer your superiors an insight into your personality. It is a choice, you can choose to be an optimistic, proactive individual who believes nothing is impossible, or you can display a negative outlook and be a hindrance to yourself and those around you.

A positive attitude can help you cope better under stressful situations, where keeping a sharp mind to provide the best solution is a trait that will prove priceless to your boss. Recruiters want positive people, they want to see how you have made a difference by being proactive and seeking solutions.

‘Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

3. Seek Feedback

Receiving feedback will provide you with a clear expectation of the level of your performance and the end goal you should achieve. Seeking feedback shows you are passionate about what you do and care about your work, striving to improve every detail in order to become more effective, more productive and more reliable.

Both positive and negative comments are beneficial to any person’s development if provided in the correct manner, it is important for you to be aware not only where you can improve but also what your strengths are, don’t neglect the positives by purely focusing on where you can improve.

4. Immerse Yourself

‘You must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work… You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That is the secret to success and is the key to being regarded honourably’ – Jiro Ono.

Immersing yourself in what you do does not mean working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you still need to maintain a healthy work-life balance, but what it does mean is absorbing everything your industry throws at you.

Utilise the networks you build, utilise ever-developing technology to keep up to date with industry trends in order to stay ahead of the rest. Becoming an innovator in your chosen field will guarantee your progress within the ranks of the vocation you choose.

Final Thoughts

You are in charge of your own destiny when it comes to your progression in the work place. If you are happy to do the bare minimum, don’t care for solutions and aren’t interested in feedback, there will be long term implications in your personal and professional life.

Be the positive, proactive problem solver, work alongside your bosses to figure out how you can improve further and when it comes to your long-term future, recruiters far and wide will laud your approach to self-improvement.

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