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Are you a tireless worker who accomplishes a lot yet feel like you achieve little recognition and progression? Standing out to your boss and your peers is not about quantity but about quality, both in the work you create and how you present yourself as an employee.

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The most important professional relationship you can have is with your boss and that relationship can make-or-break your happiness in the workplace.

There are many ways you can catch the eye of your employer and it is not about ‘brown nosing’ or taking your work home, but by keeping things simple and being as efficient and effective as possible.

When thinking about the functional ways you can impress, don’t forget about the emotional aspects too. The quality and quantity of work sure goes a long way to affecting your boss’ perception of you, but personal impressions are just as important.


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Here are our top five tips on how to stand out amongst the crowd in your workplace:

  1. Be Willing To Learn

  2. Be Honest

  3. Be Confident

  4. Be Positive

  5. Be Punctual


1. Be willing to learn 

Having a growth mindset is one of the main ways you can be a winner in the eyes of your employer and peers. By asking your boss questions and taking yourself out of your comfort zone, you are showing an eagerness to become a more valuable asset to the company in general.

Proving you have the passion and desire to improve your professional competencies is a key attribute for any employee in an ever-changing, increasingly demanding business environment.


2. Be honest

Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to building a strong, working relationship with your employer and fellow employees. Transparency is the foundation of any strong relationship and by displaying high levels of integrity in the work place, you are showing you can handle responsibility.

If you are seeking a promotion, your boss needs to know that you can be trusted, one error of judgement can change a person’s perception of you.

“Integrity is essential and irreplaceable. It is the most valuable asset for a person, a company or a society looking to build and progress.” – Rex Tillerson


3. Be confident

Your boss will be looking for someone to step up to the plate, someone who can take charge and be the right-hand person. If your boss is looking for someone to stand out from the crowd, show them you have the self-belief, you are the person they are looking for!

Displaying confidence provides you with a quality assurance that will make your boss stand up and take notice. Your demeanour in the workplace can affect a person’s perception of you, so stand up straight, show you are not afraid to take yourself out of your comfort zone and don’t underestimate the importance of your appearance, so dress to impress.


4. Be positive

Being positive in the workplace shows you are passionate about what you do and the impact you can have on your company. By being driven, energetic and by displaying high levels of initiative you can guarantee yourself a positive reputation in the eyes of your employer. 

In a close-knit environment like the common workplace, attitudes are infectious and can be the difference between success and failure. The pro-active, positive employee will often achieve high quality and then continue to strive to raise the bar in terms of results. Be the role model in your team, help inspire a positive attitude in others to achieve the best results.


5. Be punctual

Punctuality is the first sign of professionalism, people will notice if you are on time before they notice what you are wearing.

You could be the most talented employee in the business, but if you always turn up late for meetings or look dishevelled, your reputation will nosedive and you will stand out for all the wrong reasons. You can’t underestimate the power of punctuality in the workplace, it may seem like the smallest detail but it can have the biggest effect on how people perceive you.

“Preparedness and Punctuality are two of the most important qualities of any leader” – John Andreas Widstoe.

One of the most important parts of being a leader of a team of people is role modelling the correct behaviours and punctuality should always run high on any leaders list.


Final thoughts

There are many ways you can quickly gain, and equally lose the trust of your employer and the company’s employees.

You don’t have to work through the night to make an impression, the smallest details make the biggest difference in the workplace.

Be the one your boss can rely on, stand out from the crowd but do not forget the importance of working as a team and retaining the respect of your colleagues.

Good luck and go the Xtra Mile!


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