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Becoming a successful Recruitment Consultant will depend on how you interact with people. Every direction you turn you will be working with either candidates, clients, superiors, juniors and peers. Every one of these stakeholders will be key to climbing that corporate ladder.

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There is a saying in business ‘be careful of how you treat people on the way up because you might meet them again on the way down’ and these people you meet can choose to step on your head or hold you up on their shoulders.

“Work hard, be KIND, and amazing things will happen” said the American talk show host, Conan O’Brian. So, give yourself the best chance possible and treat all people right the first time all the time.

Hedge your bets on being a good person, find joy in your life and share it. Become the food for someone’s soul. You never know where they might be in the future and how they might help you professionally.


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In this blog we point out our top four reasons why you should give yourself over professionally to making a concerted effort to be a good kind professional and how this can directly help your professional advancement.

Why it’s good to be kind:

  1. Feel good

  2. Grow confidence

  3. Attract people

  4. Grow your network


1. Feel good

Good people have a natural tendency to perform helpful activities for others. When you make a difference to someone’s life, in return there will be appreciation and the more you give the more you will be celebrated. It is human nature to enjoy being acknowledged for successful activities and once a person enjoys being congratulated, they will most probably look to revisit the state until it becomes addictive.

There is scientific evidence suggesting the purpose of being good offers people the following positive benefits: including supporting mental wellbeing, workplace happiness, decreasing stress, increasing life expectancy and releasing dopamine into your body offering you a natural overwhelming sense of positivity; making you feel great both physically and mentally.


2. Grow confident

As described above, doing good helps you to feel good and when you feel good it will lead to you operating at your best.

With people congratulating you it will naturally build you up. With this comes expectations of success and human nature has us conforming to fit the expectations placed upon us (note: this is the norm not necessarily the rule).

Doing good also gives you a sense of self-respect and internal respect is a key component to being confident. The opposite is true about people with no self-worth or personal value they will hold themselves back from reaching their true potential.

So be nice and strive to reach your confident potential self and stand out from the rest so you can progress onwards and upwards.


3. Attract people

Nice people have personality traits that are attractive. They are often found to have honest, complimentary, kind hearted, empathetic, polite and well-mannered personalities.

They are generous with their time and possessions, they listen to people, they work hard for others and as such find it easy to make friends with people.

The evidence here is nice people are attractive because they offer people something. Whether it is a sympathetic ear, a smile or money there is something in it for the other person. Their niceness becomes a currency of value that, when spent, attracts someone else in need at that time.


4. Grow your network

When you are nice and attract more people into you network you open yourself up to receive opportunities in return.

Multi-millionaire author, property developer guru Rob Moore once said that your “network is your net worth” meaning the stronger your network is, with it filled with the correct people the more opportunities will come your way.

People want to mix with good people that make them feel good and those in your network will often go out of their way to help and support you if you offer them support and kindness in return.

When networking it is often things like knowledge, contacts, financial investment and importantly professional progression. All of these are a key currency within a strong network.

In business a key to getting a sale starts with the person selling, if they are deemed trustworthy, exude confidence and are pleasant to work with you will have a distinct advantage over a pushy sale orientated competitor.


Final thoughts

Business and advancement is all about relationships and people. So, turn inward and learn to find happiness, be nice and kind, nurture your network and offer them the best version of you as often as possible. Over time you will build a distinct and loyal cohort of contacts where you can help them, and they can help you in your progression. 

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