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Often, we think of greatness as being something you are born with, born into or chance upon.

In some rare cases this turns out to be true but for the most part, true greatness comes from being hardworking and consistent in whatever endeavour you are trying to undertake.

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The Hollywood super star and former athlete, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson said “Success isn’t always about ‘greatness’, it’s about Consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success”.

The point is: success isn’t an enchanted or magical spell gifted to someone and if you come from humble beginnings it can be gained by anyone if you’re willing to roll up our sleeves and work hard consistently.


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In this blog we punch out our top ten benefits of being a consistent professional in the recruitment industry.

  1. Personal reputation

  2. Creating expectation

  3. Creates Loyalty

  4. Maintains reputation

  5. Builds a baseline

  6. Accountability

  7. Builds Processes

  8. Momentum

  9. Growth

  10. Measure


1. Personal reputation

Reputation has become increasingly important these days in both growing a brand and protecting a brand. Especially as social media becomes second nature and an important tool for the professional’s reputation.

SM’s ability to share information about the quality of service is automatic and can sing your praises or damage you to hundreds or potentially thousands of people at the push of a button.


2. Creating expectation

Consistency helps build your personal reputation by creating expectation. The ability to be consistent will help customers and your team know what to expect from your ability. You must expect that will always be high because low-quality service will not be attractive and you could lose customers.


3. Customer Loyalty

When expectation is high quality it will build customer loyalty. Low quality or inconsistency destroys personal reputation, and this will inhibit the desire for stakeholders to want to repeat purchase as they will look for a safer and more reliable option.

Loyalty is a more secure option for a consultant to enhance their reputation as it is 6 times cheaper to retain a customer than it is to find a new one.


4. Building a baseline

Being consistent will allow you to understand your work parameters. It will show you your extremes but importantly it will help you build a baseline from which you can balance your workload and expectations.

It is important you measure your baseline against that of your peers, so you know what team expectations are and also, so you can set your own targets for success.


5. Accountability

Once consistency has helped you create a baseline you can make yourself accountable for the workload you take on. Be relentless on yourself and make sure you set the new standard.


6. Build Processes

Consistency helps you build processes to the work you undertake. Processing what you do allows you to repeat it on a regular basis allowing you to be more structured and productive.


7. Momentum

Being consistent and applying processes will help you speed up your workload and create momentum. By repeating your work regularly, you will become more fluent as the process becomes second nature.


8. Growth

You can take on more work as you speed up your output. This can lead to more of what you currently do or take on new responsibilities.


9. Measure

Consistently reviewing and evaluating your workload will help you find out what isn’t working to see if you need to drop it or fix it. It will also allow you to find out what is working allowing you to focus in on the successful activities you undertake making yourself more productive.


10. Maintains reputation

The overriding theme of being consistent is it will maintain your message; delivering high quality will be how you’re remembered to your superiors, peers and clients as it’s shown through your actions, words and productivity.


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