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Often our society associates ‘being competitive’ as a bad thing. It is repeatedly linked with greed, jealousy and resentment.

But we believe competition can and should be a motivator towards productivity because when utilised by Xtra Mile professionals it can result in a plethora of positive outcomes.

These competitive professionals portray personality traits that show them as being driven to succeed, are current and up to date on the latest business trends, constantly looking to improve and push boundaries and consistently go the Xtra Mile and because of these traits they are always good for business.

One thing should be considered when upping your competitive game is making sure that the competition is with yourself. By doing this you will develop and design the best professional version of you as a by-product of success.


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We caught up with three of TXM Recruit’s award-winning professionals, James Powell, Scott Eveson, and Dan Joiner who shared their own ideals on why being competitive is so important to success.



James Powell winner of the 2018 Xceptional award

“Competition: first and foremost, I see it as an internal competition with yourself, pushing your own boundaries, testing yourself and pushing yourself daily.

“I think recruitment is always a competitive kind of industry, a lot of us come from sports backgrounds and target driven environments so if you haven’t got that competitive streak you can find it hard because you need it to succeed ultimately.”


Scott Eveson winner of the 2018 Teamwork award

“Competition is healthy, there are people within TXM that I’m competitive with: we have a leader board of how everyone’s doing and that’s always good to know who you’re in and around – you always want to be at the top of the leader board right?!

“But for me being competitive Is trying to get TXM in the top 1, 2, 3 recruitment companies in the country and completely outperforming the other recruitment companies that are out there in your sectors. And that obviously comes by working hard, harder than the other guys that are around the corner.

“As everyone knows there are a lot of recruitment companies out there, we just need to set ourselves apart from those guys and work harder and get on more opportunities to blow them out the water because I believe we can at TXM Recruit because it’s a great, great company.”


Dan Joiner winner of the 2018 Responsible award

“What does competitive mean in a recruiter? I think it means being above your game, knowing your industry, knowing what everyone else is doing and just being ahead of the game really.”


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