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An Xtra Mile professional will always be a committed pro. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a professional sportsperson or CEO of a multibillion-pound organisation the elite all have one thing in common, they always display a high level of commitment.

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Apple’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs once said ‘It takes passionate commitment to really thoroughly understand something, chew it up, not just quickly swallow it”.

His message here is to achieve success, real success, you need to completely commit and immerse yourself in the task/job/work. Never think you will be able to do it quickly and then move on to the next thing, success doesn’t work like that. 


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Being committed will offer you numerous rewards and we’ve picked our top 6 reasons you should become a commitment rock star right now to further your career.

  1. Professional development

  2. They deliver

  3. Improves your CV

  4. Employers look for this

  5. Role models

  6. It’s a trait of the greats


So, are you ready to rock out? Let’s go!   

1. Professional development

A committed mindset will help you drive your personal and professional development. Sticking rigorously to a task will give you experience. Experience leads to excellence and once this is attained then a few things happen to directly impact your professional position.

  • Excellence means you’ll be considered as an authority in this area and your superiors will look to you for guidance for your colleagues.
  • Your delivery time on activities will speed up so you will be given further, more complex tasks to take on, increasing your value to the organisation.
  • Committed people often look to grow beyond their roles once activities have been mastered. So it helps you feed your desire, fuelling growth.


2. They deliver

Committed professionals deliver on tasks. Given a role and task, and providing the professional has the aptitude and capacity, a committed professional will get the job done.

Now this doesn’t mean they will get it right all the time but that’s ok as their dedication to succeeding in the role will mean they will learn from mistakes and improve quickly.

Often committed professionals are more likely to find solutions to problems before they become an issue. They will utilise their networks, research and peers to find answers to fulfilling any job requirements. 


3. Improves your CV

Having a reputation as a professional that consistently goes The Xtra Mile and is committed to the cause will help you build a brilliant CV.

There is no image sweeter to an employer’s eyes than reading about how committed a candidate has been in the past. As they say a Leopard never changes its spots so if you were committed then you are likely to be committed now.

So, build up that CV equity now and enable your legacy to resonate with future employers.


4. Employers look for this

Employers and managers are consistently looking for commitment from their staff. It is the number one personality trait that makes managers look good and businesses successful.

In the bestselling business book Good to Great, author Jim Collins points out the importance of the RIGHT people working in the business being one of the cornerstones of businesses going from good to sustainably great.

Committed staff offer a business security, as they offer consistency and dependability and with this comes the ability to measure, adjust, scale and grow an organisation.


5. Role models

Committed professionals quickly become recognised as examples of best practice and are often referred to by superiors as reference points of ‘how to’ deliver expertise.

These professionals display an attractive ‘can do’ attitude which ranks them higher than their colleagues and positioning them at the front of the cue when it comes to promotions and business recognition. 


6. It’s a trait of the greats

The quickest way to become great is to recognise what the greats have done in the past and replicate them. Most of them the display the same Hallmark professional and personality traits of Xtra Mile executives.

Billionaire philanthropist and founder of Microsoft Bill Gates said “Great organisations demand a high level of commitment by the people involved”, this is an example of understanding the power of commitment to their success and that of the businesses they operate. These elite have lived and exemplified commitment, driving it into their organisation’s culture.



So from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, two of the most influential leaders and captains of modern industry, we see examples from the 21st century of how commitment can be a pillar of strength to build your career and business upon. Good luck!


Looking to try a new profession where your commitment will get recognised and celebrated? Talk to one of our team members to find out more about opportunities with TXM Recruit.

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