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Are you a person that likes structure, process and procedures when working? Or have you worked in a business that has had little of these and it has left you feeling confused and frustrated? Lucky you, you are probably a process driven person.

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Being process driven is a key attribute leading to success in most industries. Embracing system flows quickly will help you stand out in the crowd and quickly climb that corporate ladder.

What is a process?

Processes in its simplest explanation is a series of steps used to achieve an outcome. Smart businesses implement processes for a reason, it gets work done efficiently and profitably.

The ultimate outcome of a process is to achieve a required goal and in business the goal isn’t always as important as the process chosen to reach that goal.

There may be more than one way to achieve the desired outcome and each way will use its own process. The process best for the business will probably be the system that considers several variables deemed most important to the business. Efficiency and profit are usually key drivers in the development of most processes.

Benjamin Hoff said in his book, the Tao of Pooh “it doesn't mean that the goals we have don't count. They do, mostly because they cause us to go through the process and it's the process that makes us wise and happy…” The point he was making is when things are done the right way we will enjoy the process as every step will be a series of ‘wins’, when they are done incorrectly it makes us miserable, angry and confused and businesses not only like the ‘WINS’ they need them.

In this blog we set out to explore the benefits of being process driven, both individually and as a business. We also give you our Xtra mile tips on how to become process driven.


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The content of this blog is split into two sections: The first explains the benefits of processes and the second our top tips on how to be process driven.

Benefits of Processes

  1. It’s simple

  2. Manageable

  3. Processes allows for scalability

  4. Improves process

  5. It problem solves

  6. Control and accountability

  7. Confidence


Top Tips

  1. Work it

  2. Become disciplined

  3. Immerse yourself

  4. Ask

  5. Be patient

  6. Refer to the system


Let’s get straight into it.

What are the benefits of being process driven?


The greatest thing about embracing processes within a business environment is that it can help create simplicity within a complicated system. By breaking a task into stages of a process we can assign stages to different personnel and/or work through each stage independently. Once each stage is mastered then the knowledge can be explained quickly, efficiently and passed on.


Like the African proverb says “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. Process will help take a big task and turn them into manageable smaller tasks which can allow you to improve speed, deliverability and quality. Be sure you eat the correct mouthful first.

Processes allow for Scalability

Once output of a process is successfully qualified it can then be replicated. This reproduction means you can apply it multiple times allowing for scalability and further productivity.


As a process is refined and worked it should then be continuously reviewed and where possible improved. A process driven organisation is a learning organisation and as such a process driven person should also be learning driven 

It problem solves

When faced with obstacles you can refer to the process to find a solution, if no solution exists then it is an opportunity to develop one. This is a great way to position yourself as outstanding by being a problem solver.

Control and accountability

Every stage in the process is accountable to the next step so it can be traced backwards to find where an issue lies if the outcome does not come out as expected.


Processes give you the confidence and security that you are ‘following the script’ and are less likely to make mistakes, gifting the organisations and employee control, and helping to keep calm and cool under pressure.


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Our top tips on becoming process driven!

Work it

Find a place of work where they embrace a culture of process driven professionals and saturate yourself with like-minded professionals driving that culture. The saying you are what you eat also works with you are what you embrace. They say it takes 21 – 66 days to create a habit and that is made easier if you are not alone on the journey.

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Become disciplined

This doesn’t mean become boring it just means you will need to set yourself some rules of sticking to the system to create those habits. In business it is more than likely the process you are working within will have a knock-on effect either upstream or downstream from your responsibilities. The process in which you are delivering will impact on others within the system flow so if you deviate then the process may not work, and the trail will inevitably lead back to your desk.

Immerse yourself

Live and breathe your company’s processes, it will be the most important thing you will do at first. Hopefully you will have a great mentor who will be able to ‘onboard’ you by working with your personality type. But make the processes your top priority and understand them like the back of your hand.


If you don’t understand something, then ask your peers and/or superiors. Keep in mind this question, “would my superiors want me to bother them and find a solution or would they want you to not bother them and fail at the task?”. Good leaders want success over failure, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Be patient

Upon starting a new role and embracing a new process at first it will look and feel like a lot to learn and often you’ll feel the pressure. Be patient with yourself understand that the penny will eventually drop. They have done their background research on you and know you have the capacity you just need to keep at it and allow muscle memory take effect.

Refer to the system

When undertaking work consistently refer to the process to make sure you follow the correct work flow to achieve the desired outcomes. Write the process down and have it somewhere visual or at least quickly accessible.


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