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‘You are what you eat’. Although undoubtedly a cliché, this phrase is all but a fact of life.

Your ‘fuel’ powers you through the working day, so it is vital to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

If you want to perform to the best of your ability, then you need to eat to the best of it too!

We have compiled FOUR ‘Top Tips’ to ensure you can be at your working best every single day…



It is important you make time for breakfast. Dragging yourself out of bed that little bit earlier can make all of the difference here. 

Eating breakfast gets your metabolism into action and ensures the process of converting your food into energy commences at the correct time.

Eating breakfast helps maintain a stable metabolism. Skipping it will result in an energy crash during the afternoon. 


Your brain is hugely food-sensitive, and eating can have a near immediate impact, affecting how you think and process. 

Everything you consume turns to glucose, which your brain and body uses to energise you throughout the course of the day.

What you eat can affect how much energy you have in your system. If your blood-sugar levels spike, or you eat fatty foods, your memory can become temporarily impaired. So avoid sugary drinks and opt for water.


Consistent fluid levels will help you function so when thirsty or dehydrated, be sure to drink correctly. You will feel tired and will likely to be struggling to focus if you overlook the importance of this.

Our brain cells require twice the amount of energy than other cells in the body, so keeping your brain fully fuelled with the correct fluids can be pivotal. 

What you are sipping on is arguably more important than what you have prepared for lunch. Think carefully whether you want water or soft drinks to refuel!


‘If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right’. This is another cliché, but one of real truth. 

You have to be committed to performing in your role, so why not be committed to committing to fuel yourself in the best-possible manner?

Take the time to discover the best eating and drinking schedules for you and consider how you could improve your productivity via improved nutrition. 

Committing to addressing your needs and experimenting to figure out what works best will likely prove a game-changer!

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