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With the start of mental health week (May 14-20) just around the corner, we are looking to provide you with the very best advice when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle - helping you become happier and more productive professionals.

We will be exploring how you can achieve maximum productivity and a greater work-life balance, focussing on the four pillars of good health; nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness. A healthy mind is an effective one and experience tells us eating well, exercising, getting enough quality sleep and ‘paying attention to your thoughts and feelings’ can massively improve our functioning to ultimately help with professional progression.

Workload pressures can contribute to stress and impair our ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Preoccupations and anxiety can prove all consuming, reducing the drive to recruit.

NUTRITION: It is important to consume healthy foods which can be snacked on at the desk or included in a healthier, alternate lunchbox. You need foods which  can provide an energy boost and get you through the 3.00pm slump!

EXERCISE: Professional people are often time limited. The pace of the working day is fast and time for ‘extra-curriculum’ activities is usually in short supply. It is crucial to consider the shortest-possible workout plans which can fit into your day, providing the maximum impact. Work-outs do not need to be fancy, just proven to work while keeping your energy levels strong.

SLEEP: It is vital the get the very best from your rest. We don’t want you to miss out on any vital information but checking phones and tablets late at night will prevent your brain cells from ’shutting down’, meaning you will be awake for longer - comprising the quality of your rest. Research shows that good sleep alters life quality, productivity and even expectancy. This is not a trivial matter. Invest in good sleep and the results will show. 

MINDFULNESS: It is all about mind over matter. The basic principle of taking time to reflect on thoughts and feelings can often be crucial. Acknowledge them so they do not become overwhelming and impact on your professional output.

The four pillars of health have the power to make productive professionals and over the following weeks we will be offering more TXM Tops Tips discussing how to integrate them into your busy lifestyle.

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