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Wellbeing in and around the workplace is essential and this could not be more important for recruitment consultants. 

Sleep is one of the pillars of wellbeing as it's in this subconscious state that our body gets the chance to repair itself from the activities undertaken during the day. Quality REM sleep will not only make you more productive but it can even prolong your life.

In the modern world, ‘switching off’ is becoming increasingly difficult, we seem to live in a state of constantly being on. In the palms of our hands we have a constant source of news (good, bad and indifferent) streaming via our mobile phones. We never escape our work emails and our workload seems to have trebled. Often we take all of this mind traffic into our bedrooms at night leaving us concentrating on everything other than being able to 'let go' and sleep easy.

We understand the importance of sleep to the elite recruitment consultant so here are FIVE helpful tips for you to try:


There has to be a time in the evening when you focus on winding down and relaxing. You have to be able to put a stop to work and even tasks around the home and concentrate on you and your own wellbeing. How much sleep do you need? Make sure you make time to get the right amount of time sleep you need. 


In a similar manner to relaxing, it is important to set yourself a cut-off time when it comes to drinking anything containing caffeine. We all know chocolate, alcohol and nicotine can also affect your quality of sleep but something as innocent as a tea or coffee can be equally damaging. 


Scrolling through FacebookInstagram and Twitter before bed may seem relaxing but your brain will not be giving you a ‘LIKE’ or ‘RETWEET’. Research shows that ‘blue light’ is artificially emitted from phones, tablets, laptops and many other similar devices. It stimulates the brain into producing a chemical which causes you to become more alert, so it is vital to ‘switch off’ at a reasonable hour.


Do not attempt to beat the alarm clock, even if you know you are facing a challenging morning or a testing day. Let your alarm do its job and get the sleep you crucially need. State of mind and approach can be built in a positive manner by ensuring you have enjoyed an ideal night’s sleep.


Aromatherapy has proven a legitimate method when it comes to getting the rest and relaxation you require to develop a frame of mind and thought pattern you desire. 

Final thoughts

Sleep is integral to your health and wellbeing and as such will impact on your productivity as a recruitment consultant. We suggest by making sure your sleep is of high quality, it will allow you to deliver better and progress quicker as a professional. Concentrating on yourself and your personal wellbeing should always be your first port of call.

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