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As the world adjusts to cope with the impact Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on our everyday lives, we are witnessing so many amazing stories of communities coming together to help each other out during these difficult times.

At TXM Recruit, our team are very proud to work with and serve so many different communities. We are honoured to be able to help those businesses who continue to provide critical services and put others first, including the NHS, those providing services to and ensuring the safe operations of our Rail networks and Food supply chains, as well as the amazing Engineering companies helping to manufacture various products that will help save lives and keep us all safe.

The foundations of TXM were built on shared values of going The Xtra Mile. Whilst our daily operations have been disrupted and adjusted to accommodate new ways of working, our focus remains on the safety and welfare of our communities as we continue to go The Xtra Mile to help wherever we can.

This support hub is just one of our ongoing initiatives to provide you, part of our valued community, with access to important information about the changes that are happening that could be impacting you.​ 


Many businesses face a huge amount of pressure and responsibility to ensure their workplace is safely set up and ‘COVID-19 Secure’. Here’s five safety measures you can implement within your construction or manufacturing worksite that will help your employees feel reassured in their return to work.

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Rail workers are one of the core sectors that have continued to operate across the UK during the lockdown. Although ‘business as usual’ applies for many keyworkers, individuals within the rail industry have had to follow extra safety precautions. Read more on how TXM Recruit has been supporting key worker contractors. 

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​TXM Recruit launches Project Pit Stop

Project Pit Stop is a recruitment initiative to help re-deploy a number of highly skilled engineering contractors within the motorsport sector who have been impacted by the delay of the F1 season due to COVID-19.

​Many of these individuals recently took part in ‘Project Pit Lane’, combining their knowledge and experience to build respirator devices for the NHS.

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​Virtual hiring – the new way to bring candidates

Creating a positive recruitment and onboarding experience can make a huge difference to how people feel about your company. 

Although recruiting may prove a challenge for many businesses due to the current lockdown and social distancing restrictions, TXM Recruit is here to help guide you through some alternative hiring and onboarding tips that will ensure you continue to successfully hire new talent whilst creating a memorable employee experience.

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​How to write a successful CV

Whether you’re reviewing, updating or writing your CV from scratch, we realise that it can be a very scary task – especially if you’ve never had to write one before. 

Whilst at the moment we are unable to assist you in person, we have put together a short guide to help make this process as pain-free as possible for you. 

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​Understanding what furlough means and the financial support being offered

To support many businesses impacted by COVID-19, the Government launched a Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, offering employers temporary financial aid for those who are unable to work. For most businesses who have closed, remote working isn’t an option for all employees. 

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If you're urgently looking for temporary staff to help support an increased demand for your services, or to cover a sickness and a reduction in your workforce due to COVID-19, TXM Recruit can help you.
We’re currently supporting clients UK wide within a number of critical industries from Retail to Rail, Food Manufacturing to Medical Equipment Manufacturing.
Providing production, maintenance, supply chain, logistics and operational support.
Please do get in touch with our team if there's anything we can do to help you during these unprecedented times.
Equally, if you have concerns about the future of your business, now and post COVID-19, we may be able to help connect you with potential customers, through our network, to generate new sales and support future growth.

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