Your job: To jump or not to jump – should you stay or should you go?

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You’re comfortable in your current position. You make decent money. The company you work for is relatively healthy. The people you work with are nice enough. But something doesn’t sit right. Maybe you’ve lost your excitement for the job. Maybe you lack that get up and go. So after taking a fresh look at your situation, you’re left wondering if there’s something better out there.

Or is there? How do you determine when it’s time to jump from thinking about leaving and actually doing something about it?

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you

There is no doubt that challenges are the key to a happy employee or anybody in fact. Look at footballers – always chasing the next challenge, bigger wage, larger club…

Trying new things and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is critical to your success. Arguably, staying where you are comfortable can be damaging for your career if you don’t see your worth to thrive outside of your current situation.

Jason Robinson, TXM Group Brand Ambassador knows all about challenging himself. He’s on this year’s celebrity list for The Jump. Jason will be strapping on his skis and undergoing some gruelling training before appearing on the show set in Austria. Top athletes and sports personalities all over the world agree that pushing yourself is the only way to furthering your skillset and self-development.

So why not consider and question your options – you’re an athlete in the employment sense, kind of. Who knows, staying in your current job maybe the best thing for you, but on the other hand, a role change or company move may well be the best thing you could do. So we ask some fundamental questions below to see if a new challenge could be right for you.


Is it time to jump into a new job?

So, before you make the jump, you must first ask yourself a few questions: Are you fulfilled? Are you challenged? Are you continually learning?

If you answer no to all or some of these questions, then it might be time for a job change. If you answer yes to all, it sounds like you’re right exactly where you should be. So, let’s look at the main benefits of staying in your job against going for something better or different.

Benefits of staying put

1)    It shows dependability and stability. Employers want employees they can trust; they want you to arrive on time, do the work well, and don’t make life too difficult for them.

2)    The longer you stay in a position, the easier it becomes. You learn the ropes, how to ‘recycle’ your knowledge, develop processes & refine skills and organise projects. That means you might have free time to work on a personal project, do some self-development or work towards another goal.

3)    It’s predictable. Use a job’s predictability to your advantage. Predictability makes it easier to plan your personal life so you can better manage your time out of work – isn’t a better work-life balance what we are all working towards too.


Benefits of making the jump and stretching your wings

1)    You will be listening to your gut instinct and respecting it. There’s no braver thing in the workplace. Then you will always be looking for those opportunities to grow, to enhance, to make more money, to improve your quality of life.

2)    Saying yes to new opportunities can lead to being more challenged, fulfilled and happier at work. The effects of this can also spill over into your personal life by seeing things differently.

3)    Managing your career effectively.  By dreaming big, working hard and making decisions strategically and within the context of your long-term goals isn’t easy. It’s something to be proud of!

If you still don’t know whether to challenge yourself in your current role, change jobs or stay put and be happy, remember, the grass isn’t always greener and weighing up all the pro’s and cons of any decision if key.

Or just for fun see what career/job is right for you www.whatcareerisrightforme.com .You can take a simple career test to help you establish where you should be.

Whatever you decide, we are here to help. Visit txmrecruit.co.uk for our regularly updated list of available jobs, professional career advice and more.

Gavin HanrahanYour job: To jump or not to jump – should you stay or should you go?

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