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Using LinkedIn to Get Your Dream Job

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Early in January 2013, LinkedIn announced that it now has over 200 million members making it a great hub for those looking to network, do business or even look for a new job. The question is: How do you make the most of this extensive network and use it to land your dream job?

Fill in Your LinkedIn Profile

Users of LinkedIn will know that you get reminders to fill in your profile and, as annoying as it is, there are good reasons for this. For those who are job hunting, the more information you fill in the more information you are giving other users, such as a potential employer or recruiter.

Start with the basics:

• State clearly in your title what your current role is – this indicates the area of work in which you are interested in and gives an indication of relevant experience

• Make sure you enter relevant past positions as this begins to cement you as an expert in your industry

• Fill in your experience box. This section allows you to enter more in-depth information about your past positions, dates, areas of responsibility and key skills

• Detail any volunteering experience you may have as this adds some personality to your profile

• Include your education in your profile as these qualifications can strengthen your application.

Use the Search Feature

LinkedIn has its own search bar allowing users to search for jobs. This really is as simple as typing in keywords such as a job title and viewing the results. You can also edit your results based on location for more detailed answers.

Using the LinkedIn search bar is a good place to start getting a feel for available jobs in your area / industry.

Follow Companies and Groups That Interest You

Using the search bar, you can find companies that interest you and ‘follow’ their company updates on LinkedIn. Following these companies will allow you to comment on any articles that are uploaded, start conversations with like-minded people and connect with new contacts.

Get Involved with Questions and Answers

The ‘Answers’ section on LinkedIn is the place to find questions and answers across a whole spectrum of topics. This is the place people in the know go to influence / connect with other people in the know. Answering questions, or indeed asking questions, will increase your visibility amongst audiences on LinkedIn and may even see you add a few new connections.

Connect with Recruiters

More often than not, recruiters will have their own LinkedIn profile detailing their specialities and whether they’re looking for candidates for specific roles. If this is the case then it is in your interest to request to connect with them as then you have a direct relationship with the ‘job gatekeeper’.

All our recruiters at TXM have LinkedIn profiles and are happy to connect with potential candidates, in order to find us, simply type our name into the LinkedIn search bar and we will appear. For updates across all sectors, follow our TXM Recruit LinkedIn company profile.

Do you have any top tips for using LinkedIn for job searching? If so, please tell us in the comments box below.


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Andrew MidgleyUsing LinkedIn to Get Your Dream Job

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