Is Britain missing a market in women’s engineering?

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txm-recruit-womens-day Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and highlight the already recognised talents of women engineers.

But could we be doing more to highlight women engineers and get more women into the engineering industry?

According to results from Women’s Engineering Society’s 2016 statistic report:

  • Out of the engineering workforce in the United Kingdom, only 9% are female. Plus, from the registered engineers and technicians 6% are women
  • Out of female engineers in Europe, the UK has the lowest amount of professionals, at less than 10%, whilst countries in eastern Europe lead with approximately 30% female engineering professionals
  • However, 84% of female engineers were extremely happy or happy with their choice of career, in a survey of 300 female engineers
  • And by empowering women in work to meet their full potential, they could add as much as £24 trillion to annual GDP in 2025

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*All statistics supplied via http://www.wes.org.uk/statistics

adminIs Britain missing a market in women’s engineering?

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