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Detox Your CV

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Your CV creates a first (and lasting) impression with recruiters and employers so it’s crucial that you get it just right. If you continue to just keep adding to your CV it will become cluttered, so when editing, you also need to look at what is less important or not relevant anymore and take it out. Think about what skills you have to offer an employer and take a look at our list of do’s and don’ts when writing your CV.


Detoxing your CV – What to Include:

A CV is designed to tell the reader all the essential information and personal qualities of a potential employee so make sure it does just that.

Information to include:

● Personal Details – name, address, contact details (these are crucial!)

● Education – You can include as much detail as you wish when it comes to education but if your CV is getting quite long then perhaps just include subject, year and institute

● Work Experience – Can you do the job? This section details all your previous work experience and so remember to include any programs used, key responsibilities and any work which relates directly to a new role

● Interests – Adding a few interests brings personality to a CV; few people are all work and no play!

● Volunteering – Using your spare time to help others is a positive attribute so include any details on your CV

Do …

● Use action words to show a proactive nature i.e developed, organised, created

● Relate your skills to potential roles

● Go through your CV and match up skills to a potential job

● Include ‘References upon request’ at the end of your CV. Most employers do not require a reference for a first interview, however check the job description to make sure this is the case

● Spell check any documents before you send them out

● Make sure your CV is well laid out. Do not cram it full of information.

Don’t …

● Lie. Its harder to maintain a lie so don’t waste your time or effort. Concentrate on what you can do and what you’re good at

● Create a CV that is too long. Employers want to know about you without reading your life history so only mention key information. Aim to keep your CV under 2 pages without omitting too much information

● Copy and paste the job description into your CV. Read through the job description and make sure your CV includes key words and phrases IF they apply to you

● Include a personal email address if it looks unprofessional. If needs be, create a new email address that doesn’t include nicknames or numbers.

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Andrew MidgleyDetox Your CV

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