Award winning Built Environment manager discusses the industry

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TXM Recruit’s Built Environment award winning manager Adam Knight discusses his expertise of the industry and the path himself and his team have taken over the last few years.

“Seven years ago TXM Recruit saw a gap in the gas engineering market, and with TXM Recruit being the entrepreneurial business they are, decided to take the opportunity and develop a division at TXM Recruit, and that is how our development in gas engineering started.

“We’ve gone out into the industry and won several really good clients due to how we go about our recruitment. We are very thorough with our efforts and very thorough with our technical screening process.

“Our business motto – going The Xtra Mile – couldn’t be more right for the work we do in the industry. We are busy working before the normal working day begins and even well beyond the regular work hours in the day – it isn’t just 8.30am to 5.30pm.

“For example, if a client has an issue with an engineer and they need the kit returning we’ll drive to their house to pick it up; we go to test centres to learn more, so we get to know more about the job.

“I’m speaking to managers early in the mornings. If they send an email at 6.30am, I know they’re up then, so I’ll give them a ring. I will go through their recruitment needs because I’m really aware that clients have hundreds of emails and calls when they get into work.

“So if I get up and speak to them at 6.30-7.00am in the morning, or similar in the evening, I know it will help them a lot when they’re not as busy because they can use their time to deal with problems they’ve got, and I can use my time to help them.

“When I joined the built environment at TXM Recruit I won Most Inspiring Newcomer from Recruiter magazine after being at the business for just 18 months. I was going out shadowing an engineer, off to the test centres to see what happens, and trying my best to go above and beyond and go The Xtra Mile.

“Then more recently, when I headed up the team, I won the Most Inspirational Team Leader/Manager at the Recruiter magazine’s 2016 awards for the work I’ve done with the guys. They’ve mirrored what I did and they’re all doing very well.”

If you are interested in the industry and would like to work in this sector, please speak to Adam or one of his team

Andrew MidgleyAward winning Built Environment manager discusses the industry

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Andrew Midgley - Managing Director of TXM Recruit As the Managing Director of TXM Recruit, Andrew over sees all top level activities to expand the company’s growth. With a recruitment career spanning over 20 years, Andrew is well placed to develop strategic relationships within the engineering and recruitment sectors, identifying and fulfilling the business needs of TXM clients. About Andrew in his own words: Our company ethos is to go ‘The Xtra Mile’. In my view it is important that the philosophy comes from the top and I’m pleased that we have such an open, friendly and highly productive environment which centres on this ethos and delivers for both clients and candidates and each other.