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5 Things Recruiters Look for on Your CV

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Writing a CV can strike fear in the hearts of many yet the process of writing a CV needn’t be scary. In principle, regardless of sector or industry, every CV should include the same basic information.

Below, we identify 5 key elements that recruiters look for on every CV and why you should include them when writing your CV.

1. Keywords, Experience and Key Skills
Chances are your CV is the first point of contact we will have with you and so your skills and experiences need to jump out straight away. You know what you can do but we don’t until we’re told.

With this in mind, start jotting down any key skills you have and outline all previous experience, making sure to include job titles, dates and key responsibilities. Keep it relatively concise but make sure to cover how you made a difference in each role and highlight any specific achievements or responsibilities you had during that time.

Also include relevant keywords specific for your industry or job role i.e HGV mechanic, CNC machinist, HNC/HND qualified within an Engineering discipline. These keywords and phrases are useful for us when we run searches for positions and could make you stand out from the crowd in our results.

2. Qualifications
Qualifications can give you an additional edge on other applicants so always include them on your CV. From our perspective it is important to know, not only what experience you have in the industry, but also if you have any qualifications that may strengthen your application.

3. Tailored CV for a Specific Roles
Your CV in many cases, will be the first impression you leave so how can you stand out? Read the job role carefully, what words do they use to describe the position? Where viable try and use those words to describe you and tailor your CV for each position.

Reflect why you would be good for that role by using the role description. This may feel like an arduous task to tailor your CV every time you apply for a job but it will seem worth it if you get an interview.

If you’re uploading your CV to a website, make sure to highlight your qualifications and experience and cover all the key areas you would like to work in.

4. Honesty
Make sure there are no gaps in your experiences – if you started your own business but it didn’t work, say. This means we can see straight away why you have a two year gap in your experience … inconsistencies stand out to employers and they will be sure to ask so make sure this base is covered before they mention it.

5. Personality
To quote a cliché, everyone is different and so it’s important that your personality shines through in your CV. We don’t need your life history but a brief outline of how you spend your personal time, for example, can speak volumes about you as a person and can catch the eye of an employer.

Furthermore, if you have done any volunteering or internships then detail these on your CV – both recruiters and employers like to know they are hiring a person not just a robot to do a job.

If you want more help on writing your CV, check out The Guardian’s CV Templates.

Remember, we always encourage our applicants to keep in contact with us. This is especially important for those looking for a niche job which may only come about once in a blue moon. If we have regular interaction with you then we’re more likely to remember your name and you’ll be at the forefront of our minds when your dream job lands on our desks.

If you fancy a catch up about a position, or just want to register your interest, get in contact today on 0845 226 3454.


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Andrew Midgley5 Things Recruiters Look for on Your CV

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